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Are Overwatch loot boxes populated when awarded, or when opened?

Are the contents of a loot box determined at the time it is awarded or when it is opened? For example, if you collect multiple loot boxes before a special event but opened them during the special event, would they have the potential of spawning rewards from that event?

What are all the friendly and enemy ultimate sounds?

When ultimates are used in Overwatch, a unique voice line sound effect is played, and it sounds different depending on which team used the ability. Does anyone have a list of what the two voice lines are for each character? Also some enemy voice lines seem to be much harder to hear (Widowmaker, Symmetra), so […]

What do the numbers when destroying non-player things mean?

When you destroy an enemy object that isnt a player, such as DVA’s suit or Torbjorn’s turret, you will see +### message. What do the numbers mean? Do they actually affect anything? As far as I understand there is no points system.

What Attacks Can D.Va's Shield Block (or Not Block)?

What attacks and ultimates can D.Va block with her Defense Matrix shield (her E ability)? Defense Matrix is supposed to block projectile attacks, so I’d be interested in knowing whether it can block the following: Hanzo’s ultimate (both in arrow form, before it summons dragons, as well as after summoning dragons)? Zarya’s Graviton Surge ultimate, […]

What do these two symbols (thunderbolt, stack of pages) mean?

One has a forward loop with a thunderbolt in the middle, and the other has pages stacked against each other. Sometimes one or the other flash, sometimes they both flash, and sometimes they flash rapidly or just don’t flash very often. They always appear in the upper left of the hero select screen. What are […]

Is Sombra fully invisible when using her Thermoptic Camo

(This question is mostly FYI for this community of what I gather from Blizcon, also here are her skills. Source is an Overwatch Developer on a live stream just now) Is Sombra fully invisible and not seeable by anyone while using her Termoptic Camo? Or is she partially visible in some situations?

What's the difference between life, health, armour and shield?

Overwatch has many sources of health. What do all these terms mean? Health Life Armour Shield

Does Reinhardt's shield block all abilities?

Reinhardt’s main strength is his shielding abilities and the protection he provides for his team, but Are there any abilities that cannot be blocked by Reinhardt’s barrier field?

I'm on fire. So?

In Overwatch, there is a meter at the bottom left corner that indicates how “on fire” (as in, doing well, I’m guessing) you are. When it get over an indicated point, your portrait on the tab screen/scoreboard is shown with a fiery background. Is there an actual gameplay benefit to being on fire?

Will the Olympic skins (+ other future event skins) be buyable after the event is over?

There’s brand new skins in overwatch, and they are event themed. Will they be just gone after the event (those who have it keep it, those who don’t are screwed…) It should be one of 3 scenarios Skin can still be got in boxes Skin cannot be got in boxes but can be bought with […]

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