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At which point does a game count towards my stats?

Let’s say my career best in eliminations is 20. Then I play a game from the start and I do 21 eliminations, but I disconnect before VICTORY/DEFEAT appears. Will my career best now be 20 or 21? Will my averages change? What about if I disconnect after VICTORY/DEFEAT, but before the stats appear? At what […]

How much health does Symmetra's Photon Barrier have?

In the new update, Symmetra had a (kind of) remake. One of those changes was to her Eability, where it would spawn a mini-Reinhardt barrier charging forward. What is the health of the barrier?

How do you become friends with someone?

Let’s say I’m playing in a public game with someone and we hit it off. I want to officially become his friend, so that we can intentionally group later on. How do I do this? I know how to find the list of recent players. I know how to find the list of people currently […]

Who should I be damage buffing as Mercy

I just started playing Overwatch (played a few games during open beta, but wasn’t able to play much). I’m enjoying Mercy, but who (in a group situation) should be getting the damage buff? Additionally, when my team splits up, who should I follow to support?

Does Torbjorn's turret have a range?

As far as I’ve seen, it seems like Torbjorn’s turret doesn’t need to placed in a specific direction like TF2 and Dirty Bomb, so that’s not an issue. What I’d like to know is if it has a cutoff range, or does all it need is line of sight? Meaning, could I place it on […]

Do Lucio's effects have a limited range?

Lucio is a fun character, providing AoE healing or speed boost to teammates. But how is this area determined? I know that it’s at least partially based on line of sight, but does it also have a limited range? Similarly, is his sonic barrier applied to all living allies, all allies in line of sight, […]

What are the drop rates for the different rarities in Loot Boxes?

Loot Boxes can have items with rarities from Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. What I’d like to know is, with the nature of Loot Boxes, what are the drop rates of Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary items? I’d especially like to know what are the chances to get a Legendary skin from a Loot Box. For example, in TF2, […]

Which character is best for killing Bastion from behind Reinhardt?

Often, at the start of a game, the defense has a Bastion set up in sentry mode near the objective, aimed at a chokepoint. When this happens, one of the best strategies is to have a Reinhardt stand in front of Bastion with his barrier up, and have someone or someones shoot the Bastion from […]

Does armor affect shield health?

Armor hit points reduce incoming damage, and shield regenerates. According to this reddit post, shield depletes before armor, and one reddit commentor describes this effect to be extremely useful: Torbjorn armor put on Zarya effectively turns her large shield pool into an armor pool, because shields deplete before armor, but armor provides the reduction as […]

Do shots fired before the match starts count towards your end-of-game statistics?

In Overwatch, there is short countdown for a few minutes before the match begins. During this time, the defending team is allowed to roam the map to set up their defenses, while the attacking team sits in a small lobby until the game starts and the doors open. (Or in KotH-type maps, both teams wait […]

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