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Is there any way to dodge McCree's ultimate?

Might be a noob question but as far as I know, it can only be dodged by hidding behind a wall or shield (not even sure about the last one) so I was wondering if there’s any way of dodging it, for example, doing the jump with Pharah or the dash with Genji.

Is Mercy's damage boost applied on fire or on hit?

Specifically with regards to non-hitscan characters, when is Mercy’s damage boost applied? Does it take effect after shooting, or only after a projectile hits a target?

Which heroes can clear this jump on Volskaya Industries?

On the Attackers first stage spawn there is a side route that seems to be reachable by some heroes but not all that stretches over the frozen river on the left. I’ve tested this with easier mobility heroes, like D.va, and Pharah, who can both clear the jump. However, I’ve tried testing Genji and Tracer, […]

How to counter a team of multiple Torbjörns?

If the enemy team picks up multiple Torbj√∂rns, specially while defending a map, I find it extremely difficult to capture even the first point, because each turret is defending another, and hidden behind walls where a sniper can’t hit them without being attacked from another. And it can be even harder if one of them […]

My HUD has completely disappeared! What happened to it?

After picking my hero in the pre-game lobby, I typically Alt-Tab out of the game to browse the web for a short time until the match starts. This time, when I Alt-Tabbed back into the game, my HUD completely disappeared! I could still control my character but I could not see my health, ult charge, […]

How did this Mercy get 104% Kill Participation?

They didn’t really do anything but play the standard support role, healing and buffing players as needed. The only thing I can think of that might have caused this is Genji’s reflect.

Does it matter which way Torbjörn's turret faces?

Seeing how there is no rotate function when placing a turret, does it matter at all which way Torbj√∂rn’s turret faces when planting it? Are there any advantages, like perhaps a faster turn speed or detection speed in specific directions? Or does it not matter which way it faces.

Can D.Va hide behind teammates to protect herself from her own Self Destruct ultimate?

D.Va’s ultimate Self Destruct will do damage to her if she’s within line of sight of her mech, so by hiding behind cover, D.Va can avoid being killed by her own ultimate. Is it possible for D.Va to use her own teammates as cover to protect herself from her own ultimate? So, for example, could […]

Does Orisa's Supercharge ultimate stack with other damage buffs?

Orisa’s ultimate is a damage boost to all allied heroes in line of sight. Does this stack at all with other boosts such as Mercy’s right click or with Ana’s nano-boost or can all 3 stack together?

Can you play training modes offline in Overwatch?

I would like to practice my skills in Overwatch. Do you have to be online in order to play in training mode?

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