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What are sprays?

In Overwatch there are unlockable items called Sprays, that along with skins and poses, change something about your character. However, I have no idea what they do. Skins and Poses are pretty straightforward, but what are sprays for? I was thinking it was an add on for the skin you choose, like a decal, but […]

When to use ultimates in Junkenstein's Revenge?

So the big Halloween update came out, and along with it a new game mode called “Junkenstein’s Revenge.” My question is, how do I maximize character efficiency, specifically regarding ultimate use? For example, with Ana I usually give Nano Boost to McCree, so he can use Deadeye on bosses.

Does Reaper shoot above and below him when using Death Blossom?

If Reaper uses Death Blossom, will it damage people who are above or below him? Most of the time I see Reaper’s dropping off a roof or wall before using Death Blossom, but could I instead stay on the roof just above the other team and use it and kill them, or use it to […]

Which heroes can escape Zarya's ult?

Zarya’s ult pulls in enemies and bunches them together for a short period of time. As far as I can tell, there is no way to walk out of it or jump out of it with normal movement options. Are there any heroes that can escape the ult using their abilities? Are there limitations to […]

Does player level affect matchmaking?

tl;dr: Does player level affect matchmaking or is it based on stats? Recently, matchmaking in Overwatch has been extremely weird. A few times I’ve gotten games with huge player level gaps. Recently, I played a match where we had a level 6 and a level 97 on our team. However, what makes me believe that […]

Can Genji deflect melee attacks?

I understand that Genji can deflect pretty much anything, save for beam weapons and a handful of lethal accessories. Can he deflect melee attacks though? I’ve been playing more Reaper lately, so I’m at a much closer proximity to characters, and normally if a Genji uses his deflect I stop firing to wait. Can I […]

Is reload cancelling faster?

Today I learned that, for all heroes with limited ammunition, they can reload cancel their weapons with a melee attack. What I’m curious about is, does it really save time? Is it really a “cancel”? I’ll give an example. With Reaper’s shotguns, if he presses reload, the ammo indicator on the bottom right will instantly […]

Does Lucio's Sonic Amplifier Knock Back Distance Vary By Proximity?

When playing against LĂșcio, sometimes it seems I only get knocked back a little bit, other times it seem like I go flying. I haven’t noticed much difference when playing, but I don’t really notice a difference in how far I knock them away from me, however I try not to get too close to […]

Where to aim after hooking with Roadhog?

I’ve noticed that sometimes I’m one-shotting Soldier 76 and sometimes I’m not. The same goes with Reaper. I’m worried that it may be because of where I aim.

What can heroes be commended for?

In the commendation screen, after a match, you can see a few players who were picked out because of something “big” that they contributed to the team. For example, you’ll see commendations like: McCree: x Fan The Hammer kills Reinhardt: x damage blocked Mercy: x healing done Pharah: x rocket direct hits etc. What I’m […]

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