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How do Zenyatta and Mercy's damage boosts stack?

We know that Mercy’s damage boost gives +30% of damage, and Zenyatta’s orb of discord gives +50%, but what happens if Zenyatta gives the orb of discord debuff to an enemy and Mercy gives damage boost to someone shooting it? Will that be 50+30=+80%? (the buffs are counted on the bullets/Xor on the enemy and […]

Can Junkrat's RIP-Tire be healed?

While playing Mercy in competitive play, I noticed that I could view the health my allied Junkrat’s RIP-Tire. I was even shown a critical health indicator when the Tire had nearly been destroyed. This made me wonder whether it was possible to heal an allied Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, similar to D.Va’s mech during a self-destruct. I […]

How to know if teammates are in a premade squad or not?

I know that a player in my squad is indicated in-game with a green name, but I would like to know if my other teammates are also in a squad or are solo. That would be helpful for team communication and for coordinating attacks.

Is the amount of health I heal from a hacked pack related to Sombra's charge gain

Does it matter if I heal 1 health, or 250 health in relation to Sombra’s ultimate charge rate? Would she receive the same amount of charge in both cases ?

What are the “weights” of the different Heroes in Overwatch, and which abilities are impacted by this attribute?

Questions pertaining to Lucio’s Soundwave ability have brought up the idea that “heavier” characters are impacted by certain abilities less than “lighter” characters. Is there data on what these weight values are? If no data exists, is anyone able to determine at least a ranking? Is it simply proportional to maximum health, or perhaps even […]

How much of a boost does Nano Boost provide?

Ana’s ultimate, Nano Boost, apparently: Increase an ally’s damage and speed, while reducing damage taken How much of a damage boost and speed boost are we talking here, and what is the damage reduction? How long does the boost last? Does her damage boost stack with boosting abilities such as Mercy’s Cadeceus, and does Lucio’s […]

McCree's Deadeye Damage

Does McCree’s Deadeye damage increase beyond the killshot if you charge it for longer duration than the killshot? Like for example, if a McCree ults, and holds the ult there for the full duration before releasing it, does it deal more damage as compared to just firing it off the moment he lines up a […]

How can I be an effective support with Zenyatta?

Zenyatta is a low HP, support class character. I understand the basics of his abilities, using the discord orb for damage amplification, using the healing orb to support my team, and that his attacks are fairly effective from long range. What strategy will help me play Zenyatta effectively, using his skills? He feels very different […]

In point-blank range, is Winston's melee preferable to his gun?

Winston’s LBM weapon, the “Tesla Cannon”, has a greater range than melee and can hit multiple enemies at once. However, if I’m fighting just one enemy and I manage to get within melee range of them, is it better to use melee attacks, or is the cannon still preferable? I’m asking because although I’m having […]

What do I get experience from?

I’ve noticed in the after game screens, different things will give you experience. What are the different things that can give you experience, and how much experience do they give you?

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