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Can I get only event Items from event loot boxes?

Do event Loot Boxes (Summer Games, Halloween, Winter Wonderland, etc…) only contain limited time event items or can I also get normal items from event loot boxes?

Does Zaryas alt fire increase in damage when you gain energy after firing?

When I shoot Zaryas alt fire, then gain energy while that shot is still in the air, will that alt fire increase in damage as well or will it only be the same damage as is when I fired it?

Who has the biggest head?

Every hero has a specific head hitbox that allows weapons to trigger as headshots on them. Which heroes, from the biggest to the smallest, have the biggest head hitbox? In some ways I feel like D.VA has a huge head hitbox but at times it feels like Roadhog and Winston have bigger heads. In all […]

What is the name of Bastion's bird friend?

During his default Heroic highlight intro you can see him play with a bird and his hero introduction screen shows him playing with a bird that rests on his shoulder. Is there a name of his bird? Reminds me of Archimedes, the TF2 Medic’s pet bird.

What is objective time?

One of Overwatch’s many in-game metrics is “Objective Time”. It makes sense when attacking, when you are with the payload or are on a capture point, that I think objective time measures how long you are with the objective, but for defenders, what is defined as ‘objective time’? Is it how long you prevent the […]

Why do I get tons of medals in custom games against AI?

I like to practise in custom games, alone with 11 bots. Sometimes I have low stats, such as 6 eliminations, but I repeatedly get 4 gold medals. Why is this?

What is the difference in SR gained when playing solo vs a group?

I was playing Overwatch a bunch this weekend and was trying to climb in competitive so I played with a couple friends as well. I noticed that there seems to be a big difference between the SR gained when playing solo vs playing with a group. I was earning upwards of 30-35 SR per win […]

Which hero is more effective to boost as Ana in Junkenstein Brawl?

In terms of effectiveness in killing the minibosses that spawn periodically (Reaper, Roadhog, Mercy, and Junkrat) which hero is better to nano boost? For example would boosting a Soldier: 76 who is ulting help more than boosting a McCree who is ulting?

Do Deadeye or Tactical Visor target an invisible Sombra?

There are a few questions already posted about when and if Sombra can be seen with her camouflage active but so far this hasn’t been brought up. As of right now there are only these 2 ultimates that directly lock-on to an enemy, but do they still target a Sombra that can’t be seen?

How is ultimate meter refunded?

I’ve noticed that with some heroes that if I die in the middle of an ultimate, sometimes I get some partial charge back, or sometimes I just get reset back to 0. How is ultimate meter refunded exactly? Is it that, for time based ults, whatever remaining time left on the ult is refunded? But […]

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