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How to get minecraft coordinates in SMP when F3 launches IE

I need coordinates for Minecraft in SMP, I know that you should press F3 but that launches IE and takes focus to IE making me unable to find coordinates. How can I find coordinates?

After installing Minecraft, I cannot figure out how to start the game

I installed Minecraft 1.7.2 and after installation it showed the launcher, and I played the game successfully. But after I closed it, I realized there’s no shortcut for Minecraft on the desktop, and when I go to my .minecraft folder and try to run anything there (such as launcher.jar, or 1.7.2.jar) none will open and […]

How to use a command block to welcome new players on a server in Minecraft?

Ok, so me and my friend own a server, it uses Minecraft 1.6.4. What I can’t seem to figure out, is how to welcome new users to the server by saying Welcome USER To Northwood, when they join.

Can BuildCraft's Redstone Engines explode?

BuildCraft’s Redstone Engines are slow, but I have always been taught that their one advantage is their inability to explode. Is this true, or am I secretly in danger if I leave them on too long?

Minecraft ArmorStand Teleportation

So I’m using SethBling’s armorstand posing help and I’m trying to teleport an invisible stand to an already set stand but I’m having troubles understanding how the teleports work. I know the commands but I don’t know how to control which way the stand will move, can anyone help?

Setblock clock with scoreboard doesn't work in Minecraft

I’ve been trying some things with scoreboard lately and I always get to the point where I need to use the following commands. /scoreboard players set @a Holding 0 /scoreboard players set @a Holding 1 {DataTag} /execute @e[score_Holding_min=1] ~ ~ ~ /summon LightningBolt ~ ~ ~ People tell me to connect these to the same […]

How do I delete my Realm?

I made a free Minecraft Realm and I would like to use my world for something else. How do I delete the Realm and get my world back?

Is there an easier way to detect for a block around the player?

Currently the easiest or most compact way to test for a block, say grass, around the player is by using an execute detect command for every block in a radius that you want. That means you would need 27 to test for a 1 block radius (3x3x3), one for each possible X, Y, and Z […]

Replace the item crafted with a tag

I made a map that will come out very soon but I have a problem: When the player crafted a crafting table, it cannot be placed! And also when he/she crafted it, I would like to replace the crafted block with a crafting table with CanPlaceOn. I think this is used by other maps like […]

How do I give myself a specific sword using commands?

I’ve heard that there is a command that gives me the ability to give myself a sword with Sharpness 32767 and Knockback 32767. How do I use commands to give myself said sword on a server that uses the Essentials mod?

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