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How to build a two bit binary to decimal decoder using Redstone?

This is the logic circuit i want to create in Minecraft Can anyone make one for me because the one I am making is having lots of problems and is too messy. Redstone signals get jammed and they stay turned on even after switching off the lever.

How to set Minecraft server port from the CLI?

I can’t seem to find an up-to-date and clear answer on this. I just want to run the Minecraft server JAR on a different port than the default 25565.

How do I target players found by /testfor?

Normally I’m good at command blocks but I’ve hit a roadblock. I’m using a test for command: /testfor @a {Inventory: [{id:minecraft:leather_boots,Damage:0s,Count:1b,Slot:100b}, {id:minecraft:leather_leggings,Damage:0s,Count:1b,Slot:101b}, {id:minecraft:leather_chestplate,Damage:0s,Count:1b,Slot:102b}, {id:minecraft:leather_helmet,Damage:0s,Count:1b,Slot:103b}]} for a little assassin kit, you know? Anyway I want the person with this armor on to have a speed and jump boost how can I get the same person or […]

Can you use json codes on signs in Minecraft?

Can I use a json code on signs? I tried /tellraw @p {text”hi”,color:blue} and it worked as expected, but can you use them for signs?

Why is =! not working in testfor command?

I am building a proximity alarm on a server that should go off when someone other than me approaches my house. However, the output of my command block keeps turning up as something along the lines of “The entity value is not a valid one” My command is: /testfor @p[name=!Myname]

Interdimensional redstone circuitry in tekkit-lite?

I am building a gigantic horizontal quarry consisting of more than 5000 redstone tube frames and block breakers, all this in a mystcraft dimension. I used to remotely control the bc quarries i have there using redstone energy cells, but how am i going to control (temporarily turn off) this monster from the overworld? Is […]

What are the x, y, and z in the /testforblocks command?

I’ve recently heard about a command which can detect blocks in an area, the /testforblocks (with an s at the end, to not confuse with /testforblock) command. In this command, there the x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, but also a supplementary x y z: testforblocks <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <x> <y> <z> […]

Best beginner method for producing MJ in big dig pack

What is the best way to produce energy in the big dig pack considering I have only just started. I have built a Tinker Table and a power gauntlet and I’m looking to produce enough energy to power the glove and what not. I am looking at solar generators, but is this the best method? […]

End Portal in FTB teleports to random location in the overworld

This issue has happened twice now on 2 different worlds. I’ve found the end portal, put the eyes of ender all around, the portal effect appears, I jump in, then I get teleported to a random location in the overworld, with a nether portal behind me. Does the End Portal work differently in FTB? This […]

How can I check if an entire team has died?

I’m making a Minecraft minigame map using commandblocks (no code or mods). One of the game end conditions is that a team is eliminated. How to I reliably check that a team has no members left alive on it? I am using 1.8, and this will (obviously) be multiplayer

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