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How do I disable machine sounds in IC2?

I’m getting an error that is making my game unplayable. Error in class ‘SourceLWJGL OpenAL Channel null in method ‘stop’ Some google searches show this is a error involving IC2 machine sounds, but I cannot find anything in the .cfg file to disable these sounds. How can I disable the machine sounds from IC2? My […]

Execute or Testfor a named dropped Item?

I have a contraption set up where if I drop a player head named Camera1 (it looked very much like a camera) a clock will find it and replace it with an armor stand that is also wearing the head. It will then destroy the dropped head, give me Camera2, an item that I’ll use […]

How to assign players in MC to a scoreboard team automatically when they join?

I am yet again needing some help with making my Minecraft: Hunger Games map and in order to teleport each player to their podium, I set up a group of 24 command blocks setting them to teleport each team to each podium, for example: /tp @a[team=P1] x y z, /tp @a[team=P2] x y z But […]

Can I break my apiarist's chest without my bees spilling?

I’m moving houses, and I want to move the apiarist’s chest without things being spilled. How can I accomplish this? I cannot pick it up with the Gravity Gun.

How do you make normally hostile mobs not hostile?

I’m trying to make a place where nether mobs are friends but I don’t know how to. How do I make a mob friendly? (I’m making the map in Creative mode.)

Minecraft Keeps crashing when fullscreened on server

In single player Minecraft, I like to get the full experience and I hit F11 to go full screen as soon as I log in. But unfortunately when I did this on multi-player the game crashed unless I waited at least half a minute after joining. And with the recent update single player now emulates […]

How to find the top scores of an objective?

I am trying to figure out how to find the top scores for a Kills objective. I have the Kills at the criteria playerKillCount, but that doesn’t really matter. I wanted it so I can effectively take the top 3 scores of the objective, and put them on signs, as you I can use selectors […]

New Minecraft Launcher parameters and portability

Launcher Version: 2.0.808-stage I’m excited about the new Minecraft Launcher, and I’m hoping to put it to good use. My goal is simple: run Minecraft from a USB without degrading it with excessive read/writes. The Gameband does this automagically, but I’m dirt poor, so I made my own using the old Minecraft Launcher.exe. My original […]

Minecraft peaceful mode: spawn hostile mobs, give them creative mode AI

I like playing in peaceful mode, as I feel that making something complex in peaceful is more fulfilling than in creative. However, making many things requires items dropped only by mobs. In creative mode, mobs spawn, but simply ignore you. You can still get mob drops by killing these effectively harmless mobs. Such a feature […]

Armor not providing armor bars/protection

Im using command blocks to give players custom armor, and I ran into a slight problem. All the armor (except the boots) are not actually giving bars of armor in survival mode and will not actually act as protection. Here is the command for the boots: /give @p chainmail_boots 1 0 {display:{Name:”Archer Boots”,Lore:[“You feel somewhat […]

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