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Command with infinite coordnates?

I am making a command that is /execute @e[type=Snowball] -603 4 170 /summon PrimedTnt So whenever I throw a snowball at the specific coordnates, it will blow up. Is there a way to make it so there are infinite coords so no matter where the snowball lands it blows up no matter what? Thanks

Should my energy collectors be running even when I'm logged off?

I have a private server running Tekkit and I’m finding that some (perhaps all) of my energy collectors are running 24×7, even when nobody else is logged on (supposing I log off in the evening, when I check on it in the morning I can find half a stack or so of dark matter waiting […]

How do I get 6-sided blocks?

I’ve heard of these before, and yet I can’t figure out how to get them. The blocks I want are like the 6-sided piston head block. If you can tell me how to use /setblock or /give to get those blocks, please tell me. I want to know what the data values are in order […]

What exactly is affected by a higher view-distance on the server side?

TL;DR: What are the elements that are different from a server with view-distance 32 compared to a server with 12 (or something else), except for the fact that you can see further? Explanation: So I bought a new server and set up a max view-distance. It is amazing and a much better experience, but I […]

Redstone repeater delay if activated

Can you make a lot of repeaters activate after 10 seconds of making sure it’s really activated? Like, if there is a redstone current that lasts 5 seconds (It will deactivate after 5 seconds) then it will not reach the end. If it lasts 10+ seconds (It has not deactivated, because it is more than […]

Why can't I connect to my minecraft server?

I;m trying to connect to my server for the first time but I am unable to which frustrates me greatly. I have added the Minecraft_Server.exe to the Firewall as public and I checked my computer’s IP address in command prompt with the ipconfig command. When I enter the IP and the Port in ‘Direct Connect’ […]

How can I create a semi automatic TNT cannon in Minecraft which does not need reloading?

Suppose I have a hill or a mountain I wish to demolish. I created a cannon using the classic recipe so I can do this task: My problem is that reloading is quite cumbersome. I know that I can manufacture cobblestone using lava and water. Is there some way to manufature TNT somehow? If i […]

How do I install Forge 1.6.4?

I have similar problem as had guy who asked “How do I resolve this error when installing the Forge source?“. The question is resolved, but I can’t find the mentioned fml/fml.py file. So please, where can I find it? I have had no problems installing Forge, it installs fine, but when I try to run […]

How do I make nicknames using command blocks?

I’m making a server and an adventure map and I wanted to create a class system with command blocks that shows a nickname like “warrior”, “archer”, and stuff like that, but I don’t know how. I know this is possible because Hypixel did it as well in his map, The Wither’s Challenge.

How do I enable permissions and groups across dimensions?

I am running a MCPC+ \ Feed The Beast (Forge) server. I am using the plugins Essentials, EssentialsChat, Group Manager, and MyMcAdmin to control everything. All my permissions and groups work in the overworld but not in the nether or any mystcraft dimensions. I haven’t tested Dimension door’s dimensions but I’m going to assume they […]

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