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Is there a command to display my coordinates in chat?

I know I can get them by toggling f3, but It would be much more efficient, in my opinion, to just display it without a toggle.

How do I testfor/scoreboard a Player in a MinecartRideable (1.9)?

I am attempting to create a Minecart mechanic where once the player is in the Minecart it starts moving in a certain direction. I am not a beginner with command blocks, so in your answer you can talk technical with me. I am just not familiar with the new 1.9 tags. I have attempted (on […]

How do you make mobs follow each other in a trail?

I am trying to make a new mob for part of a big project but the problem is that I can’t figure out how to make mobs follow eachother… I was going to make it so that I have 3 zombies… Ones the lead and another is following behind… The third zombie will be following […]

How can I get a command block?

I know how to enable cheats, but when I search command block in my creative inventory, I can’t find it. Where do I get it from?

Where is the “terrain.png” file located in Linux?

I have tried to search for it in my home directory and my .minecraft directory without any success. find / -name terrain.png also outputs nothing.

Why does tekkit not update to the newest version of minecraft?

I was trying to play on 11.CBGA.ME (Super Craft Brothers (server 11)) and I got a client too old error, so I checked the version and it was 1.4.7, The newest one 1.5.0 (Redstone update), so why isn’t Tekkit updating to the newest client?

Minecraft: java.net.connectexception no further information. Me and my girlfriend get this error when we try joining each other's lan worlds

As stated in the title, we get the error Minecraft: java.net.connectexception whenever we try to connect to each other’s LAN worlds. We have tried several fixes including: Using Hamachi Turning off our firewalls Creating new inbound rules for Minecraft Installing a different version of Minecraft Nothing so far has worked. We can connect to other […]

Can't delete Minecraft files

Ok, so I wanted to download a mod. But the mod has nothing to do with the problem… Anyway, I went to delete the META-INF file in the Minecraft .jar (or Minecraft) and it did not delete, due to the file is being used by a program. I then tried to delete the Bin folder […]

Removing Minecarts in 1.7.10 using command blocks

Is there a way to remove Minecarts from a map using command blocks in 1.7.10?

How to create a Custom GUI?

I am creating a Minecraft vanilla mini games server and I want to create a custom GUI, but as far as I know there is no way to do this without a Bukkit server. I want to make it so it will /testfor a compass in a player’s hand. When the player has a compass, […]

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