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How should I arrange my bookshelf mechanism?

I want to build bookshelves in groups on pistons to maximize a smaller space. Do I need to make each bookshelf independent or, what are the most logical groupings for low, middle and high enchantments?

Can monsters naturally spawn on blocks covered by pressure plate?

I’m trying to make a mob farm that uses mobs naturally spawned. I was wondering if a normal monster can spawn directly on pressure plate. This would allow me to crush them right after they appear.

Why doesn't the music in Minecraft play all the time?

I have the music volume in Minecraft set to 100%. The music tends to play for a while, fade away, and I don’t hear it again. Sometimes changing the music volume gets it going again, but not right away. Is there some way to force the music to play all the time?

Make an infinite supply of snowballs

How could I use a command to give a player an infinite supply of snowballs that do 5 hearts of damage? There was a bug where you could summon infinite items in snapshot 13w36a, which right here: /summon Item ~ ~ ~ {Item:{id:<id>,count:128}} The item count is set to 128, which is what I believe […]

Where is my minecraft folder hidden in this unusual Mac setup?

What I usually do is just open the texture-packs folder and then I have access to everything. But my Minecraft crashed, and now I can’t get on without it crashing. I’ve been trying to find the “Error Report” in users/library/application support/minecraft but there are two things wrong: Thing that is different is that my library […]

Separate world files for each person's profile using the minecraft launcher on that computer

I have two friends who often play minecraft on my computer. They don’t have their own accounts, but they want their worlds separate from mine without the hassle of moving around save files. I have already set up two new profiles like this: Jack Ethan Joe Jack has one world, spartacus. Ethan has two worlds, […]

How do I stop NEI from cheating in blocks?

I got NEI for minecraft 1.7.10. But when I try to use it in survival to find recipes it gives me a stack of the item I click on. How do I stop this from happening?

Is it possible to link 2 different servers together?

I am currently working on my new server and I want to link 2(or more) servers together. So I can have different gamemode on different servers. I would run 2(or more) server console at the same time so that player can join another server with executing a command. And for some reason, Multiverse and Multiworld […]

Activating one piston while deactivating another at the same time?

I just wondered if it is possible to activate one piston while deactivating another (activated) piston with the same lever. The idea is to pull some blocks into the wall while other blocks are pushed up through the floor.

How can I clone maps in SMP?

So far I was able to create clones of map_0, just by pressing shift while taking the map from the crafting table. But is there any (ingame) way to create a clone of, say, map_1? If not is there a cheat or a server command to clone maps other than map_0?

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