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What is a debug world and how can I create one?

I recently heard of a world type called ‘Debug Mode’. What is it? How can I enter or create this world?

How to get the mending enchantment?

I have a skeleton farm and I enchanted DOZENS of items already. I never saw “mending” though. The Wiki says, that you find this on the lower enchanting levels, but I never saw it. Note: (Normally) Before I enchant an item, I look through all of them and check on each what I would get: […]

How can I start a minecraft server from the web?

how can I start a minecraft server on a server that has a web server. For example those control panels that start servers when the server is offline. I know the execute a shell script but how. If someone could provide me with some example code.

Can someone explain the difference between minecraft maps and worlds?

I have two Minecraft Bukkit SMP server instances on my host and I understand there’s a default “world” included with each instance. I’ve read about multi-world support in future versions of Bukkit or Minecraft, but at the moment, I believe I’m stuck with a single “map” for each world. Am I missing something or am […]

How fast are baby zombies?

If the generic movement speed for normal zombies is 0.23, what is for baby zombies?

Minecraft is port forwarded properly but can't log in

I have run a Minecraft server for over a year. I had a netgear router on Comcast network. We recently got a ‘new’ all-in modem/router, one that needed to be configured. http://canyouseeme.com says that the external port is being forwarded at 25565, but I can only access the server on my internal network. This is […]

How do I hide the plugin list from my users?

I want to hide my plugin list from my users. How do I do that? They just type /plugins and all plugins are shown. Is there any option to disable this? I am using Essentials.

Finding multiple End cities

Is it possible to find more than one End city? The Wiki says that End cities are spawned randomly and are fairly rare. Unfortunately, I did not find the information I searched. Does the random generation mean that there may spawn multiple End cities, or does it mean that End cities spawn at random places? […]

What is the bee genetic heirarchy?

In minecraft forestry, using a beealyzer on a wild or bred bee allows me to see it’s genes for things like lifespan, speed, fertility, etc. However, there is little documentation on what those genes mean, and the names are ambiguous. What genes are possible to get for my bees, and what is the hierarchy of […]

How to get back to original spawn when in creative and spawn resets?

I made a really good castle in creative mode but had not slept in a bed on superflat mode. Someone killed me and that somehow reset my spawn more than once. I did tests in a new world of the same kind of circumstances and found that when killed and not having slept in a […]

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