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How can I make the redstone repeat a task x times and reset it self?

So I’m trying to make a redstone circuit that can repeat a task x amount of times and then reset it self. I was thinking of using a dropper and a hopper and use the hopper redstone signal (retrieved by a comparator) to check the amount, so lets say I need it to repeat a […]

How to generate a predetermined number of pulses?

Motivation: I have a grinder that spawns spiders which are then moved to a very small space. When they accumulate in big enough numbers, I pull a lever and let a piston crush them 11 times. Then I can kill them with one hit and harvest experience. This becomes a problem once there are a […]

How can I preserve an active redstone circuit when I leave the chunk it's built in?

When I set up a redstone circuit for rotating blocks (with pistons) or flashing redstone lights, everything’s fine, but when I exit that zone, the current is not saved, and when I return later, the blocks have stopped moving or the lights have stopped flashing. I don’t want to reassemble part of the circuit each […]

How to find a player's redstone clock (or other aggressive circuitry)?

I’m an admin for a minecraft server where I suspect one of the players has set up a fast cycle redstone circuit. The reason is the server uses what seems to me to be too high of cpu for only one or two players logged in, and lately there always seems to be a bit […]

In Minecraft how do I randomise the output in a redstone circuit?

I have 5 buttons and only one of these can be correct, all others must be false. These 5 outputs will go into 2 outputs, in between there needs to be a circuit which changes which single button out of the 5 will go down the “correct” output of the final 2. The 4 remaining […]

How do I create a very long delay with Redstone?

The only things I’ve found so far are a cart method (which ceased working in 1.6), a dispenser method (utilizing the decay on dropped items, but this requires occasional feeding), and a binary counter (which won’t work for a single input but rather a fluctuating one). I want to have a circuit that when I […]

How to set Command Block(s) to test for a particular time and output a message?

I simply want one command block to test for the time of day or night (e.g. time = 18000) and output a message in the chat to everyone if that time returns true. I was trying a simple set-up with two command blocks and a comparator in the middle, but I’m a beginner and am […]

Why remove redstone dust from my command block contraptions?

Whenever I show my command block contraptions to my friends, they always comment that I should remove the redstone dust from them. They say it causes lag and that redstone can be unpredictable, but I’ve never had a problem like that. Even if I did, I would just slow down the clock I’m using a […]

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