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How can I randomly power one of several wires in Minecraft?

Given 5 wires (possibly more), I want to press a Reset button, and have exactly one of those wires, randomly selected, become active – and remain that way (until the next button press). What is a simple way of doing that?

Is Minecraft Turing-Complete?

Minecraft has the redstone wires mechanism that can be used to build circuits. Is Minecraft Turing-Complete, i.e. can it be used to simulate a Turing Machine (if we ignore the problem of infinite memory)?

How can I make my far away command blocks work

I have command blocks on my adventure map, the map is partially parkour and has no ground just floating islands, I don’t want people too see the command blocks so I put them 200 blocks away and they’re supposed to have low render distance but if they have low render distance it won’t load and […]

How do you lengthen a redstone button signal in Minecraft?

I made a little redstone circuit to open a door (using pistons) with a button, but I was wondering how I could make the door stay open a little longer. I don’t want to use a lever as I want it to close automatically after. I thought of running parallel redstone delayers, with gradual delays, […]

How do redstone torches (circuits) work in Minecraft?

I tried reading the minecraftwiki page on the subject, but without an understanding of precisely how the torches work, none of it makes sense. I have a lot of questions, so even an article explaining only a few of the answers would be helpful. How is it possible for the torches to work as both […]

How can I control a sequence of outputs via a single input?

Ok, so I’m making a map which needs a level system. By level system I mean: Push the button first time,output A lights up. Push the button second time,output B lights up. Push the button third time,output C lights up. And so on. Essentially, each button press makes the next output in the sequence activate.

How can I get my redstone to activate adjacent pistons?

I’m trying to create my first circuit in minecraft: a – pressure plate p – piston d – dirt – or | – redstone   a—-dddd pppp Pistons are placed over the dirt and there’s water under the dirt. I’m trying this but it doesn’t work: a——- ddd ppp This also doesn’t work: —- a […]

How can I teleport to an unloaded entity?

I am using invisible invulnerable ArmorStands to create “warps” and “homes” in a map. The idea is that I can spawn them in with a specific name, and then teleport a player back to them like this: /tp @p @e[name=PlayerHome,type=ArmorStand] These warps/homes need to be able to be moved, so I cannot just use static […]

How to detect if a mob has been hit in minecraft with command blocks?

i am making a boss battle for my minecraft adventure map, and using a mob spawned with commands as the boss. When the mob gets hit, some command blocks will give the player a potion effect, but I can’t figure out how to activate the command block when the mob gets hit. I am in […]

Minecraft save-all timer

I have recently found that my MC world does not auto-save (Don’t answer on how to do that), so I have to /save-all every 5 minutes or so. However, I have created a timer hooked up to a /save-all command block. Note that all repeaters are set to max delay. Basically, what happens is, there […]

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