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Is there a more efficient way to wire a row of pistons?

I want to create two sets of two adjacent pistons with a two block gap between them for a melon farm. It seems as though I’m using a prodigious amount of redstone for each section. This is my first redstone circuit, but is there a better way?

Is it possible to make a Player go only backwards?

I’m making an Adventure map (it has loads of command blocks), but I got stuck: How can I make a Player to be able to go only backwards, that is, only when pressing the ‘backwards’ key, and to be able to change directions only with their mouse? Any Redstone and Command Block circuit will do, […]

Trail of particles from a point to TNT

I have a map where I spawn Primed TNT then teleport it to a random Mushroom Cow which is invisible to make 100% random explosion. Now I want to make a particle trail from an orb kind of block in the center of the map to the exploding Mooshroom to simulate some kind of rocket. […]

Can I use dispensers or droppers to auto-replant crops?

I’m working on a fully-automatic farm now that 1.5 is out. The plan is to use redstone to flush fully-grown crops into a channel to be collected by a hopper and then picked up by a cart. The issue I’ve ran into, however, is that seeds do no seem to be planted by dispensers or […]

Why does extended piston become stuck if air above it is powered?

To reproduce this problem make layout like this and then power the piston. Once the piston is extended, removing the power source will not retract it: Since piston head block is transparent, I see no explanation for this. Also, even if it wasn’t transparent, it still wouldn’t power a piston. For example this doesn’t power […]

Select player that does not have a specific score set

I want to select all players that do not have a specific scoreboard objective value set. I have tried doing testfor @a[score_hasJoined=] and testfor @a[score_hasJoined_min=], but it still won’t work. The hasJoined objective is a dummy objective, and therefore users do not start with 0 when they join. I want to set all players’ score […]

Distributing items evenly

With a simple setup like the one in the picture with a double chest connected to 2 hoppers, you can get stacks of items evenly distributed. In this setup half would end up in each single chest. In my single player world (1.12) I have made a sorting system and I want half my cobblestones […]

How to test for time of day with command block in Minecraft

I’m trying to setup something similar to the MindCrack team’s current server set up for my single player world so that the world border expands slowly as I play the game. I already know how to work the worldborder command, I just want it to happen at the exact same time every game day. I […]

How do I make a 1x1x2 piston door that opens when I step on a plate and not the other way around?

In Minecraft I need to make a piston door that opens when a plate is stepped on, it is normally the other way around. Does anyone know how? A video would be helpful but not required.

What is Redstone used for in Minecraft?

I’ve found several piles of Redstone in Minecraft, but I can’t seem to find a coherent explanation as to what it does or how to use it. Does anyone know what it’s used for, and how to use it correctly and strategically?

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