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Activating one piston while deactivating another at the same time?

I just wondered if it is possible to activate one piston while deactivating another (activated) piston with the same lever. The idea is to pull some blocks into the wall while other blocks are pushed up through the floor.

How do I move redstone signals vertically (for a vertical sticky-piston door)?

I’m trying to make a variation on the sticky-piston hidden door, in which two sticky pistons are activated by a pressure plate in a corridor to reveal either a hidden room, or a treasure chest, or trap, or anything else. Stepping on the pressure plate would turn off the circuit so that one sticky piston […]

Gate to allow only one player to pass through

On my server I have a quiz which you need to take before you can go to most of the areas, build etc… However, sometimes people try to cheat by going with friends into there. I want some kind of gate/mechanism which only allows one player to pass through and insert some kind of delay […]

How to make a block disappear after a certain period of time

So I am making a ‘magic trail’, which is essentially wherever you walk and jump, a block will be placed below you. Unfortunately, the trail will always stick around and never go away. After a while this means that there will be a giant trail of blocks through the sky that looks pretty ugly. What […]

How do I power Redstone through a block?

I have seen this in YouTube videos: a person places a Redstone Torch on the wall like in the picture, and it activates a circuit. No matter how many layouts I have tried I can’t seems to get a power output on the other side. My question is, how can I power Redstone on the […]

Is it possible to lift a block from the bottom of the map to the top using pistons?

Can you raise/lower a single block by an arbitrary distance using pistons? Will this work with chests?

Is there a maximum limit to the number of blocks a piston can push?

For example: could you effectively push a line of blocks off into the distance? Is it limited by the loaded chunks? Or a shorter upper limit countable in blocks?

How to make a command block say something only once in Minecraft?

I am creating an adventure map and needed to know how to make a command block only say something once in the chat menu. PS: I would like this to be under my floor because it is supposed to be an NPC talking. I also need to know how to set the radius so the […]

How to put a redstone block in clock mode?

I saw this video by SethBling. (The video is caught up to the moment of my question) He says “Make sure these are in clock mode” what does he mean by clock mode?

How to testfor blocks not people

how do I testfor blocks? like if I put down stone near a command block with a comparator attached to it and it will activate a piston connected by the comparator on the command block? please answer.

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