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How to place redstone using Command Blocks

I used this to place redstone: /setblock -624.5 244 -1692.5 redstone 0 replace It gives an error saying that there is no such thing as minecraft:redstone. I tried many different things and nothing works. How can I make a command block place redstone?

How do I make the comparator work and then stop?

I made a redstone clock that involves a command block with /testfor and a comparator attached to it. Whenever the /testfor works, the comparator turns on, but completely.(meaning it does not turn off after that) I want it to turn on, have a small delay, then turn off. is there some way that i should […]

Redstone repeater delay if activated

Can you make a lot of repeaters activate after 10 seconds of making sure it’s really activated? Like, if there is a redstone current that lasts 5 seconds (It will deactivate after 5 seconds) then it will not reach the end. If it lasts 10+ seconds (It has not deactivated, because it is more than […]

Can I configure a Redstone Energy Cell to emit a redstone signal if it is full?

I have Magmatic Engines powering a Redstone Energy Cell. Is there a way to configure the cell to emit a redstone signal once it’s full, so I can use said signal to rurn off my engines so they dont waste lava?

Confusion on Redstone Wire Transmission

According to the wiki on Redstone Circuits: Redstone Wire powers itself, the block below it, or the block it is pointing to. I’m having trouble understanding what this is saying. According to the statement, it sounds like only a one of those three things is ever true at once per redstone wire. However, from my […]

Execute or Testfor a named dropped Item?

I have a contraption set up where if I drop a player head named Camera1 (it looked very much like a camera) a clock will find it and replace it with an armor stand that is also wearing the head. It will then destroy the dropped head, give me Camera2, an item that I’ll use […]

How to assign players in MC to a scoreboard team automatically when they join?

I am yet again needing some help with making my Minecraft: Hunger Games map and in order to teleport each player to their podium, I set up a group of 24 command blocks setting them to teleport each team to each podium, for example: /tp @a[team=P1] x y z, /tp @a[team=P2] x y z But […]

How to build a two bit binary to decimal decoder using Redstone?

This is the logic circuit i want to create in Minecraft Can anyone make one for me because the one I am making is having lots of problems and is too messy. Redstone signals get jammed and they stay turned on even after switching off the lever.

How to use a command block to welcome new players on a server in Minecraft?

Ok, so me and my friend own a server, it uses Minecraft 1.6.4. What I can’t seem to figure out, is how to welcome new users to the server by saying Welcome USER To Northwood, when they join.

Setblock clock with scoreboard doesn't work in Minecraft

I’ve been trying some things with scoreboard lately and I always get to the point where I need to use the following commands. /scoreboard players set @a Holding 0 /scoreboard players set @a Holding 1 {DataTag} /execute @e[score_Holding_min=1] ~ ~ ~ /summon LightningBolt ~ ~ ~ People tell me to connect these to the same […]

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