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How do I invite someone to my world in Minecraft PE?

I want to invite my girlfriend to my world so she could visit my fun-fair, how can I accomplish this?

Can Minecraft Pocket Edition play with a desktop Minecraft on LAN?

My kids are playing Minecraft on 2 PCs, creative mode. They are connected by the way of one of them starts a single player game on the other one than joins that game over the LAN. Can I, using Minecraft PE on my iPad, join their game as well?

How can I mine redstone ore?

I found redstone ore in Survival Mode (Minecraft Pocket Edition) and tried to use all five tools to collect it. It took about a minute or two to break, but I couldn’t collect anything from it once broken. How do I mine redstone ore?

How do I get on a Minecraft PE server when it says 'invalid name'?

I am having trouble getting onto a server in Minecraft PE on iOS. When I tap on the person’s server it just says invalid name: I have tried turning off and restarting the iPad, going to home screen and logging back into the server but I have had no luck and no change. Is there […]

how do I make my nether portal work in minecraft pocket edition?

Where do I light my nether portal on Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.10.5?

How to find villages in Minecraft PE?

How do villages spawn in Minecraft Pocket Edition? I would also like to know what I need to do to have a village spawn, e.g., if there is any specific biome it has to be in.

How do you join or create a server in multiplayer?

I just got Minecraft Pocket Edition on my iPhone, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to start multiplayer. When I go to menu, there is only one button that says Play. How do I join or create servers?

Where did the “play on realms” option go?

My Minecraft app now only has the option of “play” and there is no “play on realms” to be found! I downloaded – and paid for – the multiplayer app, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get to any realms on that app either. Please help!

How can I import worlds from the PE to the PC version?

Can I get my Minecraft Pocket Edition worlds onto my PC to play in regular Minecraft? If so how? I have used iExplorer to transfer files from my iPad but that was no help. Any suggestions?

How to transfer minecraft pocket edition world between iPads?

My daughter has built a minecraft world on our iPad. As of Christmas 2013 she has an iPad mini of her own. Is there any way to transfer her world from the old machine? Even better…is there any way to synchronise the 2 machines?

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