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Unable to change custom skins

I have a 4th gen ipod. When I try to use a custom skin in Minecraft PE, it tells me, “that’s not a Minecraft skin, silly”. It’s frustrating because they are real skins. When my younger sister uses her fifth gen ipod to wear the same skins, it accepts them. Can I fix this?

How do you ban people from your world in Minecraft PE?

My friend Evan,is griefing me. When I went on his world to get revenge, he banned me. The screen said ” HerobineYoung has banned enderpizza you will be kicked out in 5 minutes.” I begged him to tell me how but he wouldn’t tell me. How can I ban people in Minecraft PE?

Trouble connecting to friend's Pocket Edition Lite server

My friend is on his Samsung Galaxy tablet, and I’m on my iPod 5th gen. It’s not letting us be on the same server. We are both using the same WiFi. I have Minecraft PE and my friend has PE Lite. When I go to “join game” and click on his server name, it says […]

How do we play multiplayer minecraft on iPads?

We have two iPads, and both of them have Minecraft PE. My son wants to connect the two and play with me. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing here, so I do not know how to do this. One game says “Broadcast to LAN”, and the other one says “Local Server Multiplayer”. […]

How can I join a game?

My friend has a Galaxy Nexus and I just got an HTC One X, and we both have the newest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. We want to play on a server together (we will be sitting right next to each other), but when I opened the game and made it visible (I was connected […]

How to save a copy of a multiplayer world in the new 0.7+ menus?

How do you save a joined game after the 0.7.1 update? The menus have all changed since 0.6.x and I can’t find the option to save a copy of a joined world anymore. (My friend has got a diamond house on survival and I want to save it but it doesn’t let me!)

How to Join Games with Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7

I can’t find how to join games with the latest 0.7 Pocket Edition update with an iPad and iPod over wifi. I see the realm options but I get the message “there are no more open server slots right now”. Local server multiplayer is switched on for both devices.

Can't join Minecraft PE version 8.1, says outdated server?

Trying to connect my from son’s iPod 4 to my iPod 4s. Both are using iOS6, both playing Minecraft version 8.1. My iPhone joins to my iPad no problem but not to the iPhone 4. If I try to connect from the iPhone4 it says ‘outdated server’ if I try to connect from my iPhone […]

Where can I find Obsidian in the Pocket Edition?

I have looked everywhere for lava or obsidian in 0.7.1. I’ve looked all the way from top to bottom and all around, in about a 100 block diameter, but I can’t find any. Where can I get some?

How do I change skins in minecraft pe?

How do I change skins in Minecraft PE for Android?

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