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Cant get out of this lava!

I landed in lava in Minecraft: pocket edition and died. I keep respawning in that lava. What do I do?

Does Minecraft PE have commands?

Are there any commands in Minecraft Pocket Edition? I’m looking for both singleplayer and multiplayer commands including admin commands.

How to get sugarcane in minecraft PE?

I’ve seen sugarcane in Minecraft PE free version, but I cannot collect it, even in survival mode. Can you collect sugarcane in the free version of Minecraft PE ?

If I delete Minecraft Pocket Edition, do I get my stuff when I download it again?

On my iPad I want to make a server. It worked on a different WiFi. When I got back to mine, it does not work. So I think if I delete it, the server will be back. Is that true?

How can I easily find other players in Mincraft PE multiplayer?

We are playing multiplayer on a local wifi on Minecraft PE. Since it is an unlimited world size, when a new player joins the world we cannot find each other. Is there an easy way to find each other or teleport to where player is?

How can I do multiplayer using Minecraft on iPad?

I play Minecraft P.E. on my iPad Air, and I have a friend who does as well. My other friends say if you are near each other while playing, it will work. For me it clearly doesn’t. I was wondering if you could help with this problem. So, is multiplayer possible on the iPad Minecraft […]

Transfer Minecraft PE world from broken device

My son’s tablet broke and when he gets a new one he is hoping he will be able to access all his saved worlds on his new device. Is this possible? Will the minecraft servers have his data saved if he re-installs his already purchased app?

Can I make an ender portal on creative?

I’ve updated Minecraft PE, and in the update notes it states that they’ve added the End. But when I made a new creative world and built a portal, it didn’t work. I’ve been looking online at tutorials, but cannot get the portal to open. So how do you create an Ender Portal?

What are the mob spawn distances?

I have built my house in Minecraft PE, and I have a ton of fences and sticks, but I need to know how big of a perimeter I need to let me sleep at night?

Hosting my own server for Minecraft pocket edition

With my Minecraft Pocket edition version 0.7.4 I can connect to an external server, but I’m not able to connect to a server I’m running in my computer. I’ve post detailed information about my setup in another forum. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need a special server to connect the pocket edition version?

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