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How do I activate an end portal?

The 0.9.5 update is out with a new block called the End Portal. But, I still can’t figure out how to activate it and go to The End. Some videos in YouTube told me that I need ender eye, but I can’t find it in the creative inventory.

Can I play Minecraft PE with bluetooth?

Me and my sibling want to play Minecraft together. Is there a way to use Bluetooth instead of WiFi to get connected? If so, how? We have MCPE version 15.0.

I lost my house in minecraft. How can I find it?

I was in creative mode on minecraft PE. I made this really awesome house plus a hotel! I was finishing up my house but decided to explore first. I explored for about 10 minutes and then stopped. Suddenly, I started worrying because I didn’t know where I was. I couldn’t find my house on a […]

Can't join world on Minecraft PE

I’m on my tablet playing Minecraft PE. My boyfriend rang me and asked me to join his Minecraft PE world. However, I can’t do it because the game doesn’t show his world. What’s wrong and how can I fix it?

How to transfer my Minecraft Pocket Edition world from Android to iOS?

I’m using an Android smartphone that I purchased Minecraft PE on; now I want to transfer my world to a iPhone. I have also purchased Minecraft PE on my iPhone.

MCPE give command components

I am in the latest version of MCPE beta, and I was wondering what the component thing is on the give command and how to use it.

Can I transfer Minecraft from a computer to iOS?

My son has been playing Minecraft on our home computer for a couple of years now. He just got an iPad Mini 2 for his birthday. Is it possible to transfer his game and his saves onto his iPad Mini 2?

How can I make it so that in MCPE my hunger goes down but mobs don't spawn

How do I make it where I can play in survival mode and have mobs not spawn, but my hunger still goes down, so not peaceful mode.

How do I tame and ride the undead horses?

So the 15.0 update came out for minecraft pocket edition. Well along with horses there are also the zombie horse and skeleton horse. Is it possible to tame these? If so how?

How do I set up a multiplayer game of Minecraft?

Please bear with me since I don’t play Minecraft, and I am asking this question on behalf of my kids. They play mainly on a tablet, and want to know if they can set up a game with their friend who lives the other side of the village. Is this possible, and if so, how? […]

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