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How do I pause Minecraft Pocket Edition?

I recently purchased Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android and I started to play and after I finished I couldn’t find the pause button where is it?

Can animals spawn?

The new release of Minecraft: PE features baby animals. Will these animals eventually spawn in existing worlds, or will my kids (who have built some rather elaborate structures for the Pocket Edition) have to start over? It appears to be the case that animals never spawn in older versions of PE; are the baby animals […]

When surveying a new world what do I need to check exists that I can't create later?

I realised with my last world that when I came to build a bookcase there were no reeds (sugar cane) anywhere in the world even though they do exist in the game, so I started a new world and after exploring a few found one that did have reeds in it. However, there may well […]

How can I reuse my Nether Reactor?

So, I built my nether reactor out of a bunch of gold and diamonds I had been storing to see what it does. It was pretty crazy; after I activated it I warped to the netherworld version of my land and was attacked by the zombie pigmen and promptly died (serves me right for activating […]

How big is the world in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

I’m currently building a town in Minecraft Pocket Edition and I’m wondering how many blocks long and how many blocks wide the world is.

How can I backup my Minecraft: Pocket Edition worlds?

I’m upgrading my tablet’s Android OS and I want to save my worlds so I can have a backup in case something goes wrong.

How to use multiplayer over Bluetooth

I have seen videos that say that you can use other apps that have a Bluetooth connection to play, but I guess it doesn’t work on iOS 9. Is there any way to use local multiplayer over Bluetooth?

What is Realms and why does it keep telling me “No available servers”?

How do I visit worlds on the 0.7.1 version of Minecraft PE? I signed up for Realms and so did my friend and I want her to visit my world there but it says there is no available servers. What is Realms anyway – is it the new way to connect servers? Do we need […]

Finding carrot seeds in Minecraft PE

I have done some research and know that you can breed pigs with carrots. How do you get carrot seeds to plant carrots?

Can I disable multiplayer in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

I want to make sure that my child cannot get online. I am trying to turn off multiplayer. What do I do and how can I make sure that I did it right?

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