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Why can't I move when I join a server?

Whenever I try to move from my spawn point I’m instantly pushed back to my spawn point. In the chat it says I must login to my account even though I’m already logged in. I even confirmed everything and secured my Mojang account. Please help!

Minecraft PE, no more multi server?

Since the new update of mincraft PE, my kid can no longer connect to any local servers, or play on a server such as Lifeboat…Everything worked fine for 2 years, then after the update, it just didn’t work anymore. We have not changed a thing, no do we use an outside app for servers. Just […]

I cannot type anything in Minecraft PE?

I have a Motorola XOOM and it wont let me type on anything. I cannot create signs, enter IP addresses, or name maps at all. Is there a fix for this?

Can you downgrade Minecraft Pocket Edition?

I have Minecraft Pi version on my Raspberry Pi and I wanted to be able to play with people on MC:PE. However, when I go to connect the device to the Pi’s server it says Outdated Server! I know that you can connect MC:PE and MC:Pi, they are both based off MC:PE code and I’ve […]

How do I turn on peaceful mode?

The 0.7.0 update for Minecraft Pocket Edition just came out a half hour ago. But after I went through the options, I didn’t find peaceful mode. So can somebody please tell me what happened to it and how to turn it off and on?

How do I get the guys to appear in Minecraft PE?

I’m posting on behalf of my 4.5 y/o son. He has Minecraft PE on the iPad and sees all these YouTube videos of Minecraft with actual people there. Do I have the wrong version? Does it need to be on the computer? Or does he have to be linked via WiFi to other players? How […]

How do I change my Skin MANUALLY?

So, I have access to my iPhone’s file system. As stated in this answer by me, it is a confirmed bug where skins when in the photo library, are converted straight into .jpeg, instead of the required .png format. How do I change my skin? To simply put it: Which app folder directory do I […]

Where can I find more cows?

I’m playing version 0.7.1 of the Minecraft Pocket Edition and I can’t find any cows! By any chance do you know where or how I can get more? I think I killed them all but I don’t know if they spawn or not.

How to effect entities with a potion effect in a certain radius in MCPE?

So im trying to make a custom potion using an xp bottle, I’m using the command /execute @e[type=xporb] ~ ~ ~ effect @e[r=5] poison 5 2 true, I’m trying to make it where anything in a radius of 5 will be poisoned, so is it possible, or did I make a mistake when writing the […]

Multiplayer on Minecraft PE gone with update to version 12?

My son and I have been playing for months on our iPads using multiplayer mode. We could join in the same world that one would host. With the latest upgrade to version 12, even with multiplayer on, we cannot see each other’s world to join (there used to be the radiating green signal). Is this […]

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