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How can I make my far away command blocks work

I have command blocks on my adventure map, the map is partially parkour and has no ground just floating islands, I don’t want people too see the command blocks so I put them 200 blocks away and they’re supposed to have low render distance but if they have low render distance it won’t load and […]

How do I use the /kill command to ONLY kill mobs?

I have a Redstone Power loop that connects to a Command Block that is set to kill all entities except for myself (/kill @e[type=!Player]), because I’m building a creative map, but don’t want slimes all over the place. Problem is if I want to place an Item Frame than the Command Block kills it. So, […]

How can I make a tool drop blocks with CanPlaceOn tag

In Adventure mode, I’m trying to let a player get blocks that he can place later, is there a way to do it directly or do I have to change them in his inventory? Situation: The player gets a tool that will allow him to clear a boulder blocking the road. Further down the path, […]

Test if player is holding something but the specified item

So I’m making a command block mechanism, but I need to test if the player is carrying something other than a specified item like testfor @p {SelectedItem:{id:minecraft:stick}}, whereas this instance it’d activate if the player is carrying anything but a stick. If that is impossible is there a way to test if the player is […]

Is there a way to make a visible health bar for mobs other than ender dragons and withers?

I would like to create other mobs that have health bars like the ones you see when fighting withers or the ender dragon; or like name tags that have health displayed. I want it to work for Minecraft 1.11.2. I have found this and similar but I have run into the following problems: The commands […]

How to detect if a mob has been hit in minecraft with command blocks?

i am making a boss battle for my minecraft adventure map, and using a mob spawned with commands as the boss. When the mob gets hit, some command blocks will give the player a potion effect, but I can’t figure out how to activate the command block when the mob gets hit. I am in […]

Minecraft Test If A Chest Contains An Item

I’ve seen a lot of questions for finding specific items in chests using commands using testforblock but how would you test if any block/item has been placed in a chest? Thanks

How can I detect if a player has a specific item with a specific datavalue in their inventory?

Let’s say I want to track a group of players to see which one of them (if any) have a specific block type in their inventory that’s of a specific datavalue; for instance Red Wool (minecraft:wool with a data value of 14). I already know how to detect if a player has any wool in […]

Is it possible to mark or modify a player with a specific item in their inventory

I’m building a CTF map of sorts, using command blocks in vanilla 1.8. I’ve discovered two commands for detecting if an item is in a players inventory: /clear @a[team=Red] banner 4 0 /testfor @a[team=Red] {Inventory:[{id:”minecraft:banner”}]} Those work fine, unless you want to perform a command ON the player carrying that item. For example: I want […]

How do I test for a player at specific coordinates?

If I do: /testfor @p[x=,y=,z=,r=] It says: The entity UUID is in an invalid format.

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