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How to put a copied command in a command block?

If you have copied a zombie herobrine command what do you press on your computer to put the command in the command block?

how to get and store player name?

I have a set of command blocks that do the following: Test that all players have a skull in their inventory if not, give all players a skull kill all players basicly, if someone drops the skull they are given another and then killed. (a way of getting back to their spawn point). obviously, in […]

How to test for time of day with command block in Minecraft

I’m trying to setup something similar to the MindCrack team’s current server set up for my single player world so that the world border expands slowly as I play the game. I already know how to work the worldborder command, I just want it to happen at the exact same time every game day. I […]

Use /testfor to make a custom command

Basically, I’m trying to recreate the Faction plugins /f map in my single-player without mods as my PC doesn’t run them very well. (I know it sounds strange.) I am trying to use the /testfor to test if I have written ‘/f map’ in chat, and if I have, it would show me a custom […]

How do I test if all minecraft players on a server are in a radius?

This has got me. I need a command that tells me if all players on a server are in a radius of a command block. If one of them isn’t in the radius, the command will be false. Any ideas? Thanks!

Tellraw problems in 1.9

I have two tellraw commands /tellraw Froggygamingmc {text:”Thanks For Using”,color:red} and /tellraw Froggygamingmc {text:”Vend U.S.A.”,color:green} but whenever I execute them it says Invalid json: malformed JSON at line 1 column 3. Does anyone know how I can get the /tellraw command to work?

Detect when player attacks another player

I would like to detect when a player attacks/hits/hurts another player or entity. I have tried to use the AttackTime tag, but it doesn’t work. Here is what I have tried (on a 20HZ clock): First command block: scoreboard players set @a Attack 0 {AttackTime:0s} Second command block: scoreboard players set @a Attack 1 {AttackTime:1s} […]

How can I change my name using command blocks?

Is there any command in Minecraft where I can change my username in the chat, tab and my name tag above my skin? And no I’m not noob, I know I can change it on mojangs service, what I mean is like I’m creating a minigame using command blocks and someone is Herobrine then their […]

How do i testfor a item a player is holding?

I am trying to testfor a player holding a diamond sword named Notch’s Legendary Sword. How can I do that? Who ever gets the best answer will be able to get the first look at my NEW adventure map!

How to tell when a player isn't moving?

Is there a away to test if a player isn’t moving? At the moment I have put this command on a hopper clock: /scoreboard players set @a sneak 3 But that doesn’t seem to work because in another command block I am testing for a score of three, and every tick it summons a block […]

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