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Why wont these potions display their names and lore?

Here is the potions in question; I’m spawning them in a shulker box: {Slot:16,id:splash_potion ,display:{Name:”E.N.D”,Lore:[“BOOK OF ZAREFF SHADOW DRAGON FORCE!!”]},Count:64,tag:{CustomPotionEffects:[ { Id: 6, Amplifier: 125, Duration: 199980 }]}}, {Slot:17,id:splash_potion,Count:64,tag:{CustomPotionEffects:[ { Id: 3, Amplifier: 5, Duration: 1999980 }, { Id: 5, Amplifier: 100, Duration: 1999980 }, { Id: 10, Amplifier: 100, Duration: 1999980 }, { Id: […]

How can I determine the light level of a block with commands?

I want to build a set of command blocks that will automatically place a torch at the foot of a player (or entity) when the light level falls below a certain threshold. So basically I need to be able to determine the light level at a player using command blocks. I’ve looked the some of […]

Detect a dropper with items in it without /testfor

I was using this command to use a custom crafting table: /execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ dropper 1 {Items:[{id:minecraft:blaze_rod,Slot:1b,Count:1b,Damage:0s},{id:minecraft:blaze_rod,Slot:4b,Count:1b},{id:minecraft:stick,Slot:7b,Count:1b}]} /scoreboard players set @p LSC 1 But I get this error message when I stand on a dropper with these items: Failed to execute ‘{Items:[{id:minecraft:blaze_rod,Slot:1b,Count:1b,Damage:0s},{id:minecraft:blaze_rod,Slot:4b,Count:1b},{id:minecraft:stick,Slot:7b,Count:1b}]} /scoreboard players set @p LSC 1’ as […]

Minecraft Inventory Saving

I am making an RPG map, and was wondering how to “save” the game. If you die, you would revert back to a save that happens automatically or manually, and I was wondering how to have it so that you will have all the items you had then, and none of the items you got […]

Is it possible to make a Player go only backwards?

I’m making an Adventure map (it has loads of command blocks), but I got stuck: How can I make a Player to be able to go only backwards, that is, only when pressing the ‘backwards’ key, and to be able to change directions only with their mouse? Any Redstone and Command Block circuit will do, […]

How do you enchant and name items with /give using command blocks?

How do you enchant and name items with /give using command blocks?

MCPE give command components

I am in the latest version of MCPE beta, and I was wondering what the component thing is on the give command and how to use it.

How to delay a command block

I have created a short command block stack, one block teleports the player and the other plays block.piston.extend. My problem is that it teleports the player before the player can hear the sound. I would like to know if there is a way to delay the command from inside that command block. I have looked […]

Trail of particles from a point to TNT

I have a map where I spawn Primed TNT then teleport it to a random Mushroom Cow which is invisible to make 100% random explosion. Now I want to make a particle trail from an orb kind of block in the center of the map to the exploding Mooshroom to simulate some kind of rocket. […]

I Can't Replace A Block With A Command Block!

Okay, so I am making a sell shop but I need to replace some things using /setblock. For one of the replacements, I am using the command: /setblock 579 62 1053 minecraft:command_block 0 replace {Command:”testfor @p {Inventory:[{id:”minecraft:log”,Count:32b}]}”,TrackOutput:0} But it won’t work! When I try it using a command block, I get this message: [19:14:38] Data […]

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