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Replace the item crafted with a tag

I made a map that will come out very soon but I have a problem: When the player crafted a crafting table, it cannot be placed! And also when he/she crafted it, I would like to replace the crafted block with a crafting table with CanPlaceOn. I think this is used by other maps like […]

How fast are baby zombies?

If the generic movement speed for normal zombies is 0.23, what is for baby zombies?

Existing sheep riding a new sheep

I’m trying to make a sheep ride another sheep. The first sheep already exists, and I would like to make him ride a new sheep. Is there a way to do this with command blocks?

How can I use Command Blocks to keep players from placing blocks on a vanilla server?

I want to know how to keep players from placing blocks in a certain area on my Minecraft server using Command Blocks. I already know how to keep them from breaking anything via [effect player ‘mining fatigue’], but that won’t stop them from placing lava, TNT, or anything that might obstruct anything important. Any suggestions?

How would I make something spawn when and where a snowball hits something?

I know how to make things spawn as they follow an object, but is there any way to make them spawn once lets say a snowball hits its target? I am working on a way to make snowballs that spawn tnt upon hitting their target.

How to summon this sequence of stacked mobs

I am making a costum map and I want to summon this kind of “mob tower” M — V — B Where M= Invisible Mooshroom, V=Villager and B=bat. — are layers of obsidian blocks that already exists in the world. The Villager is used for some mob tracking magic using Zombies. The bat is for […]

Create a world that would reset

I’m making my first server to play with some friends, and I was wondering: I have a world called Tuto to train new players to move, fight, eat, hunt… and in the end, a portal for another world. My point would be that everytime a player loads the world Tuto for the firt time, he […]

Condensed Mob Names in Scoreboard

I am using this command to add a scoreboard so that the health of a mob can be seen: /scoreboard players set @e[type=Zombie,name=Joe] bossHealth 100 And I want it to come up on the scoreboard as Joe 100 But instead it shows up as 0fb6ee26-3210-45b2-8043-ecab01afe679 100 Is there a way to bypass this?

How to make a command block say something only once in Minecraft?

I am creating an adventure map and needed to know how to make a command block only say something once in the chat menu. PS: I would like this to be under my floor because it is supposed to be an NPC talking. I also need to know how to set the radius so the […]

Is it possible to use an item to activate a command in Minecraft?

Is it possible to detect when a player right-clicks with a stick and activate a command? What I’m trying to do is have several items with specific NBT data and set it so that right-clicking with those items uses certain commands (for instance, right-clicking with a specific sword will /summon a fireball, or right-clicking with […]

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