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How can I get a command block?

I know how to enable cheats, but when I search command block in my creative inventory, I can’t find it. Where do I get it from?

Removing Minecarts in 1.7.10 using command blocks

Is there a way to remove Minecarts from a map using command blocks in 1.7.10?

Clearing Items with NBT Tags

I’m making an adventure map in Minecraft. I’ve been trying to make a key that opens a door and then deletes itself from your inventory. I got it to work flawlessly without NBT tags, using a trip-wire hook as a key. After I assigned NBT tags to it thusly, tripwire_hook {display:{Name:”Key”,Lore:[“Opens one door”]}} the tripwire […]

How to remove Minecraft Villager Careers from their Trading Interface

I am a custom mapmaker and I need to know if there is a command to remove the annoying villager careers from their trading interface in minecraft 1.8, or to make a custom villager career. Is there any way to spawn a custom villager that has no career/custom career?

How to make an item only break certain blocks after applying the enchantment and unbreakable parts of the command?

My command is give @p stone_pickaxe 1 0 { display:{ Name:”Level 1 Pickaxe”, Lore:[“A basic pickaxe.”] }, ench:[{ id:32,lvl:1 }], Unbreakable:1 } { CanDestroy:[“minecraft:stone”,”minecraft:stonebrick”] } How would i add the next part? (only allowed to break stone blocks)

Command with infinite coordnates?

I am making a command that is /execute @e[type=Snowball] -603 4 170 /summon PrimedTnt So whenever I throw a snowball at the specific coordnates, it will blow up. Is there a way to make it so there are infinite coords so no matter where the snowball lands it blows up no matter what? Thanks

Minecraft 1.10 Custom GameRules?

I was fooling around with gamerules, when I noticed this: I guess I added a gamerule to the list? I’d like to know more about this and how it can be used. Thanks!

Execute or Testfor a named dropped Item?

I have a contraption set up where if I drop a player head named Camera1 (it looked very much like a camera) a clock will find it and replace it with an armor stand that is also wearing the head. It will then destroy the dropped head, give me Camera2, an item that I’ll use […]

How to assign players in MC to a scoreboard team automatically when they join?

I am yet again needing some help with making my Minecraft: Hunger Games map and in order to teleport each player to their podium, I set up a group of 24 command blocks setting them to teleport each team to each podium, for example: /tp @a[team=P1] x y z, /tp @a[team=P2] x y z But […]

How to find the top scores of an objective?

I am trying to figure out how to find the top scores for a Kills objective. I have the Kills at the criteria playerKillCount, but that doesn’t really matter. I wanted it so I can effectively take the top 3 scores of the objective, and put them on signs, as you I can use selectors […]

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