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Can you use /testfor to detect the death of a player?

Can you use the /testfor command in minecraft 1.8 to find out if a player has died ? I need it for my map, where 2 players (Only) are pitted against eachother. I want it so that when one of them dies, it will detect the death and declare the victor.

How to set Command Block(s) to test for a particular time and output a message?

I simply want one command block to test for the time of day or night (e.g. time = 18000) and output a message in the chat to everyone if that time returns true. I was trying a simple set-up with two command blocks and a comparator in the middle, but I’m a beginner and am […]

Why remove redstone dust from my command block contraptions?

Whenever I show my command block contraptions to my friends, they always comment that I should remove the redstone dust from them. They say it causes lag and that redstone can be unpredictable, but I’ve never had a problem like that. Even if I did, I would just slow down the clock I’m using a […]

How do I select two types of entities in Minecraft with the type selector?

I’ve asked this question towards a developer for Minecraft and I thought I’d ask here too since they might not see the question. How do I select two types of entities in Minecraft? For example, something like: /say @e[type=![Player,Item],r=50] (to clarify I also tried type=Item,Player, type=Item,type=Player etc) Should select any entity that does not match […]

How do I make a setblock or a fill clock?

Often, when asking about command block contraptions, people suggest using a “setblock” or “fill” clock? What are those and how do I make them?

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