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Syntax to add multiple commands to a single command block

I am looking to try and set multiple commands in a single command block, but so far everything I have tried just returns “Unknown Command”. What is the format for writing multiple commands in a single command block in Minecraft 1.8? Can I use either of the following: Command:(command here) Command:(command here) /command here; /command […]

Can destroy command to destroy a certain type of block

Is there a way to destroy a certain type of block (ie. Oak wood planks) The command I’ve got so far is: /blockdata ~-1 ~ ~ {Items:[{id:wooden_axe,Damage:#,Count:1,tag:{CanDestroy:[“minecraft:planks 0″],display:{Name:”Axe”}},Slot:13}]} I am using the blockdata command to get a wooden axe in the middle of the chest that can only break oak wood planks. With this command […]

How to Teleport Players When They Enter a Certain Area/Coordinates

I am trying to teleport a player to certain coordinates once they enter an area. The idea is that they walk into a really small building, but once they turn a corner, they get teleported into a larger building. Please refer to the adventure map named ‘5 Cubed’, if you need help understanding what I […]

Shoot bows faster

Is there any way that I can make bows shoot faster? The attack speed modifier will allow me to make them hit faster, but that doesn’t really help. I’m trying to make it so that people with a “Ranger” bow will be able to shoot twice as fast. EDIT By shoot faster, I don’t mean […]

How do I give players already enchanted Tools/Armour/Weapons

I’m making a map where I want players to be able to choose there kits/classes. The problem I’m having with it though is giving players already enchanted Tools/Armour/Weapons. I’m not sure if you can use the /give [player] [item] [amount] because you’ll have to use the whole {} thing and I’m not sure how to […]

minecraft command block testfor certain player

I am trying to make a command block that when powered, it will looks for a specific player in a 5 block radius of the command block. I tried /testfor @p[r=5][name=<name of player>] but it doesn’t work.

Clear item with custom name?

How do you clear 1 item from the inventory that has a custom name? What I’m trying to do is make a torch that when you hold it, it gives you Night Vision effect but after like 400 ticks or so I want the torch to run out of fuel and clear 1 torch away […]

Why does testfor sometimes output an error?

Because there are so many questions asking about this, but not closed as duplicates, I decided to make a uniting question here: There are two three four basic situations here: Why does the /testfor command (I have) always output an error (not listed below)? Why does the /testfor command (I have) always output the entity […]

How do I give myself an item that can only be placed on a block with a certain damage value?

I’m currently in the process of making a custom map and I want to add blocks that can only be placed on a certain colour clay. This is the command I tried using. /give @p cobblestone 1 0 {CanPlaceOn:[“hardened_stained_clay”],Damage:3} However, even with this command the cobblestone can be placed on any colour of stained clay. […]

How can I fix “unbalanced brackets” in my data tag?

Often, when making a command block contraption, you need to set an entity’s data tag. These tags can sometimes be very long, with many layers of nested curly and square brackets. For example, this is the command to summon a villager with a single custom trade: /summon Villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:3,Career:2,Offers:{Recipes:[{buy:{id:minecraft:diamond,Count:6b}},sell:{id:minecraft:diamond_hoe,tag:{ench:[{id:16s,lvl:10s}]}]}} The single-line command […]

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