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How to detect the winner

I’m trying to make a minigame I already mentioned in other questions of mine. I think I got all the commands except one. I need a command block to return true when there is only one player left and that’ll end the game. I haven’t tried anything yet because I have no idea how to […]

Command Blocks In Minercaft Giving items On Kills

Could I make it so that when I kill a player for the first time, a command block gives me an iron sword, on my second kill it gives me a diamond sword, on my third kill it gives me an enchanted item, and so on? I also want a way to reset this, as […]

/testforblocks system problem

What I wanted to do was a system that would permit you to save your build in an area, in sort of a nothing is changeable, not even the items in a chest. In fact, how it works is simple: the construction would be cloned into a safe area when the system is in “save […]

How to make custom player heads without making multiple accounts?

I would like to get some nice, original player heads to use as as meme references. I don’t want to make multiple accounts to get the player heads. Is it only one head texture per account? Or is there another way?

How does one use @e data on a custom named snowball

The below command does not work on a Snowball and I was wondering how to do it. execute @e[name=snowy] ~ ~ ~ particle smoke ~ ~ ~ 0 0 0 0.1 5

How to run commands depending on players scoreboard?

How can I teleport players based on their score on the scoreboard? For example, only if there scoreboard score is 1.

How do you test if a player is holding a Skull with a skull owner?

I am trying to make it so that when the boss gets killed, it drops an item. Then it is supposed to test that item and if they have it, they can move on to the next boss. But my item is a Skull with a Skull owner. So a player head. But I am […]

How do I set up a delay within a command block

I’m trying to recreate Runner in Minecraft 1.9 singleplayer, but I cannot get how to set up a delay so that the player can run without getting killed.

Is there a command to display my coordinates in chat?

I know I can get them by toggling f3, but It would be much more efficient, in my opinion, to just display it without a toggle.

How do I testfor/scoreboard a Player in a MinecartRideable (1.9)?

I am attempting to create a Minecart mechanic where once the player is in the Minecart it starts moving in a certain direction. I am not a beginner with command blocks, so in your answer you can talk technical with me. I am just not familiar with the new 1.9 tags. I have attempted (on […]

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