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How to detect the winner

I’m trying to make a minigame I already mentioned in other questions of mine. I think I got all the commands except one. I need a command block to return true when there is only one player left and that’ll end the game. I haven’t tried anything yet because I have no idea how to […]

mods folder isn't in .minecraft

I have Windows 10 and when I go to look in my .minecraft folder in the AppData folder, the mods folder is not there. How can I find the mods folder?

Command Blocks In Minercaft Giving items On Kills

Could I make it so that when I kill a player for the first time, a command block gives me an iron sword, on my second kill it gives me a diamond sword, on my third kill it gives me an enchanted item, and so on? I also want a way to reset this, as […]

How do I create a random team chooser for Minecraft?

How do I create a random team chooser for a Minecraft server? For example: When you step on a block, you are automatically assigned to a random team: transported to that team’s side of the building, given team-coloured armour etc.

/testforblocks system problem

What I wanted to do was a system that would permit you to save your build in an area, in sort of a nothing is changeable, not even the items in a chest. In fact, how it works is simple: the construction would be cloned into a safe area when the system is in “save […]

How to install a FTB modpack from a zip file to a MultiMC instance of Minecraft?

How can I install a FTB modpack from a zip file downloaded from the FTB website to a MultiMC instance of Minecraft directly, without using either the Curse launcher or the FTB launcher? This question is related to but distinct from How i can install FTB modpacks to MultiMC 5?, for which the answer given […]

After migrating account with Mojang, where are my new/current saves?

Recently I migrated my account on Minecraft.net. I had two worlds/saves before migration called ‘Exile’ and ‘TEST world’. A little after I migrated, I deleted ‘Exile’ and ‘TEST world’, and started a new world/save called ‘Village on the Green’. Today, I went in my saves to check out my files for ADMIST related purposes. ‘Village […]

How to make custom player heads without making multiple accounts?

I would like to get some nice, original player heads to use as as meme references. I don’t want to make multiple accounts to get the player heads. Is it only one head texture per account? Or is there another way?

How do I get rid of these bats on minecraft

I was building a mob zoo and my bats got out and they fly around and annoy me. How do i remove them?

How does one use @e data on a custom named snowball

The below command does not work on a Snowball and I was wondering how to do it. execute @e[name=snowy] ~ ~ ~ particle smoke ~ ~ ~ 0 0 0 0.1 5

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