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Can my squad mates run out of ammo?

There are powers and weapon modifications that affect the ammo capacity. I’m wondering whether those make even sense for your squad mates, if they ever run out of ammo? Do my squad mates have unlimited ammunition or can they run out of ammo?

What is the difference between “Total Military Strength” and “Effective Military Strength”?

As the title states, I’m utterly confused about these two ratings. The former is at 6712, while the latter is as 3356. Which of these numbers determines my ending? Note: I’ve seen the answers giving the varying numbers, as well as the IGN link that states them, but I don’t know what number they’re actually […]

How to change the FoV?

How do you change your field of view? I do not see it in the options. In ME1, it appears there was a console command you could use: http://www.tweakguides.com/ME_5.html If you want to adjust the Field of View, see the FOV console command I’m not sure about ME3 though. Would FoV changes affect multiplayer too?

How to avoid all romantic relationships in mass effect 3?

No offense, but I heard that there are more romantic relationships in Mass Effect 3, and I’d like to avoid them. For one reason, I’d prefer to skip the attachment. I’m just wondering if it has ever been done, and if its possible to avoid them. I just want to.

Does Mass Effect 3 have a secret ending?

There’s a rumor that if you finish a second game of ME3 or import a ME2 save file you get an extra secret ending. I’ve also heard that this is just: The epilogue with the child and the old man, or the Shepard lives ending if you pick destroy with greater than 4000. Anyone know […]

Is it possible to activate a squad-bonus enchanced ammo type without overriding squad members' settings?

If, for example, I get Shepard to activate Cryo Ammo (which has the +50% effectiveness for squad mates) then it replaces any ammo setting they my squad mates have active. If I then switch on one of their powers (which has the same squad bonus) then it overrides Shepard’s ammo setting. The two ammo types […]

Was there a way to prevent Morinth from turning into a Banshee?

With her dying breath, Samara did warn me that I’ll someday regret my choice, but I certainly wasn’t expecting this: Now I’m wondering if it was something I may have missed that resulted in her banshification since I sort of rushed through the last quarter of the game.

Saved Maelon's Research Data but Eve dies from the stress & fatigue of the testing

My husband has played through to the genophage curing three times now and all 3 times Mordin tells Shepard that Eve has died from the stress and fatigue of the testing… However, in Mass Effect 2, he saved Maelon’s research data and when importing the saved file, it even says the the data was saved.. […]

Can I change my appearance?

In my rush to get started playing on Tuesday, I hastily accepted the appearance of my imported Shepard. After playing for a while now, I’ve grown to hate the way he looks. Is there any way, in game or out, for me to alter Shepard’s appearance without having to start over? Answers involving third party, […]

Which Merc group is the best for the Aria T'Loak quests?

I’m trying to decide which group to help out, Blue suns, Eclipse or the Blood Pack. Which group is the best overall for help and supplies?

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