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How can I plan how much weight capacity I'll need?

I’m trying to decide how to spend my skill points and I see “Weight Capacity” mentioned. I have no idea whether or not this is something I need. Does it affect the amount of ammo I can carry? Does it affect which weapons I can use or how many I can carry? What’s the base […]

Are all “killable” characters from previous games alive if I don't import save data?

So lots of characters in Mass Effect can live or die and their status is imported if I have Mass Effect 2 save data. Are all of these characters “alive” if I start a fresh game in Mass Effect 3 without importing any data? Or are they not all present in the game as squad […]

Should I buy the Spectre Requisition Terminal weapons?

There are a few weapons available from the Spectre Requisition Terminal in the Citadel, but they’re all crazy expensive. As far as I can tell, there’s really no way to determine how their stats stack up against what I’ve already got. What weapons are available here throughout the game? What distinguishes them from other weapons […]

How to kill a Brute effectively

The Brutes are giant Reaper-Giant hybrids that are very well armored, to the point where I’m sure their entire health bar is their armor. However, it seems to me that there is a certain point where it is most weak against my shots but I am unable to figure out which part of its body […]

What changed in the ending for the Extended Cut DLC?

In the new Extended Cut DLC, what has changed in the ending to the game? Is there new gameplay or purely new end game cutscenes?

What are the bonuses for supporting civilians on the Citadel in Mass Effect 3?

After the Priority Palaven mission, I returned to the Citadel to soak up bonus missions and assets. Trouble is, I have no idea what I need to do regarding the many “Civilian Arguments”. An example would be a situation where a family man is trying to get his docked shuttle permission to deliver refugees, and […]

Which actions in past games affect War Assets in Mass Effect 3?

In assessing my War Assets from the Normandy’s war room, I’m already seeing the results of my decisions in past games. For instance, the First, Third, and Fifth fleets are at diminished strength after saving the Council from Sovereign in Mass Effect 1 (Paragon Ending), and the Marine 103 division is at reduced strength because […]

How do Vanguards handle Silver and Gold Multiplayer matches?

It seems to me that most Vanguards I see are when I occasionally play bronze to level up some of my characters for some N7 Rating. I never see a Vanguard playing in Silver or Gold. I’m curious if they would be any good as it would appear that if they aren’t extremely careful they […]

In Mass Effect 3, What are the Race/Class Combinations & Hidden Bonus ones?

Multiplayer Related Question I am unable to access any Mass Effect 3 Wikia pages from my internet as it is restriction due to a work gateway, however I was discussing something with a few collegues of mine. We were wondering what Class/Race combinations are available on ME3 multiplayer. And hidden ones? or example: I know […]

What's the minimum number of current/former squadmates I can lose on a ME3 playthrough?

A couple of times over the course of this game I’ve lost squadmates – typically ones from Mass Effect 2. I think some of these are preventable, but it seems like in at least one case on the Krogan homeworld, I’d have to have sacrificed a different squadmate earlier in order to avoid a death […]

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