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How can I play Vanguard effectively in Mass Effect 3?

In Mass Effect 2, I read the Vanguard – with the right specs and player skill – could completely dominate close quarters battle with the charge and shotgun/melee. Is this still an effective strategy in ME3? Are there any disadvantages, especially on insane difficulty?

How can I play Infiltrator effectively?

In Mass Effect 3 I chose Infiltrator for the ability to snipe and Cloak, but so far I’ve found that I run out of Sinper Rifle ammo fairly quickly and Cloak doesn’t seem to help that much aside from the damage boost. How can I play this class effectively and what skills should I focus […]

How do I do a grab in ME3?

I’ve seen medals awarded for successfully completing a grab in ME3 multiplayer. So what is a grab and how do I do one?

Where's the line between friends and lovers?

According to this, this, and this, the dating world in Mass Effect 3 is exclusive to a singular person for the duration of the game. In other words, I’m not capable of romancing Ashley and Samantha at the same time. Also, if I put the moves on Liara, even if I later let the air […]

Does the piercing mod allow me to shoot through cover/objects?

The description for the Piercing Mod says: Allows bullets to pierce 0.50-meter thick objects, but at 60% reduced damage. Ignores 25.00% of defenses on armored targets. 0.5m, or 50cm, seems quite a lot. A lot of the columns/crates/benches etc. that provide cover in the game are easily less than this. Can I shoot through them?

How can I romance Samantha Traynor?

That Traynor girl is fine. I’d like to check a private message from her console… If you know what I’m saying. Is it possible to romance her? If yes, how? Is it possible if I’m a Femshep?

What weapon combinations keep my biotic cooldowns at 200%?

I’m heavily oriented toward biotic usage, so my current loadout consists of only my pistol and SMG. There are some occurrences, though, where I wish I had my sniper rifle or shotgun with me. Factoring in all the available weight reduction mods and all classes’ weight capacities, what combinations allow me to keep biotic cooldowns […]

Does paragon/renegade/neutral morality affect the storyline or available missions?

Will focusing primarily on paragon or renegade (or neutral) affect the storyline in any major way (IIRC, in previous games it was mostly just dialogue options)? Will I miss out on anything, such as items or missions, if I do this?

Can I get a save for PS3 that alters Mass Effect 1 decisions?

As I can’t seem to find Mass Effect 1 on PS3 and have been informed that it was made for 360 only, is there any way to get a save for PS3 to make the changes in ME3 based on decisions made in it, or do I just have to miss it and forget about […]

How do I stop that banshee from eating my face?

Banshees. They rapidly teleport to cover distance quickly and take you out with an instant-kill attack (with no chance of revival) if you let them get to close. Even at longer distances they have a large area of effect blast and biotic attack. What are some good strategies for vanquishing these voracious vixens of violent […]

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