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Does filling your reputation bar with paragon prevent you from filling it with renegade?

If I have played through the game and done a good job of responding to all the opportunities to gain reputation and paragon points then my bar will probably be fairly full and I might have 2 or 3 tick mark levels of Paragon points. Let’s assume that when I play through again in new […]

Samara vs Morinth, benefits of each choice?

What I’m asking here is which Asari provides the greater access to content, the best war assets, possible romance options, etc. I know that Morinth will be turned into a Banshee if you choose to kill Samara during her loyalty mission, but as I have never killed Samara I’m unsure on the rest of the […]

What does the red X mean?

I was playing some quick match multiplayer and I noticed one of the players (who was not ready, and was taking a long time) had a red X on his display. What does it mean?

What happens if the Reapers catch me while I'm scanning?

On the system map, I can use the Normandy to scan for interesting items within the system. However, scanning too much draws the ire of the Reapers. They’ll chase you back out of the system if this happens. So far I’ve always ran like hell. What happens if they catch me? Do I get a […]

Will I miss out on anything by not playing Mass Effect 3's multiplayer?

Following on from Does the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer component has any effect on the Single Player component and vice-versa? If I choose not to play the multi-player aspect of Mass Effect 3 and stick to the main single-player story, will I miss out on any single-player content? Will there be an alternate ending that […]

How do I hijack an Atlas?

How do I hijack an Atlas? I have managed to shatter the cockpit glass but I do not see any option to hijack it when I get in close and it blows if I kill the pilot.

What effect does the ending of Mass Effect 2 have on Mass Effect 3?

At the end of Mass Effect 2 you have the option of either destroying the Collector base or preserving the base to allow Cerberus to study it. What effect on Mass Effect 3 (if any) does this decision have?

How much do weapon upgrades affect my guns?

This is mostly relating to multiplayer. Single player it’s easy enough to upgrade the gun I want to be using… I’m wondering how much of an effect the weapon upgrades (i.e. I, II, IV, VII, X, etc) have on the guns. Mostly in the damage department. For example, say we are comparing the M-8 Avenger […]

Does my multiplayer Galaxy at War progress count towards all my single player saves?

If I’ve got substantial Galaxy at War progress via the multiplayer mode, does that carry over to each different playthrough or save I might make? For instance, right now I’m doing a Paragon run. If I opted to restart the game with an evil Shepard, would I have to play more multiplayer on that profile/save […]

Citadel: Inspirational Stories is not finishing

I agreed to do the Citadel: Inspirational Stories mission for a salarian who wants to make a documentary. However, I can’t find any more locations that trigger for it. I’ve run around the entire docking area now, to no avail. To note, I was able to do the following: One area in the Memorial Wall […]

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