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Does it matter where I hit enemies when shooting?

Should I aim for the head when firing to kill enemies faster or does this have no effect at all, and I shouldn’t bother? Recent games like Skyrim do not have this differentiated damage system, so shots to the head are the same as shots to the body and limbs, is it like this on […]

Do headshots do extra damage to synthetic enemies?

I know that ME3 deals extra damage to headshots on organic enemies, which is reasonable since they have their vital squish brain parts up there. But with synthetic enemies like the geth, they could be designed to store their vital components in a more protected area. Do headshots do extra damage to synthetic enemies? Is […]

Should I upload intel from Mass Effect Infiltrator immediately, or wait until I need the Galactic Readiness?

I bought Mass Effect: Infiltrator to help ease ME3 single player. Is there any advantage to uploading intel as I get it? I know that uploading it early means that my readiness will slowly drain away, but I’m wondering if uploading a bunch at a time decreases the bang per buck, so to speak. Also, […]

Encouraging Technophilia

So, EDI has a body. And Joker’s interest is… well he’s interested. And, in the couple of discussions I’ve had with EDI so far, she doesn’t seem to be opposed. But I love to play the matchmaker and see new love blossom (and I do really want to see this ridiculousness), so how do I […]

Are there consequences for delaying Priority: Rannoch to complete Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons?

I’ve rescued the civilian fleet admiral and Admiral Raan mentioned that it’d be super good to destroy the Reaper base ASAP, but she also mentioned that the Quarian civilians will snuff it if I don’t take out the Geth fighters. Is this false jeopardy, or do I have to make a real choice here? If […]

Do the Illusive Man's eyes mean anything?

Throughout 2 and now beginning 3, I’ve wondered what is up with the Illusive Man’s eyes and why they are so unique. Is there an explanation by the series end that tells us why his eyes are so weird looking whether it be from biotic power which gained him his status and started the Cerberus […]

What's the minimum required number of playthroughs needed to get all trophies/achievements?

I’m the type of person who likes to get all the trophies/achievements when playing games. Setting out to play Mass Effect 3, which is probably a rather long game, I’d wish to get all trophies/achievements on my first playthorugh, although I don’t know if that’s possible. Can you get all trophies/achievements for Mass Effect 3 […]

Is there any benefit to destroying all the spore and gestation pods?

While playing the mission Attican Traverse: The Rachni, there are a lot of gestation pods in the tunnels that are relatively easy to burn with the flamethrower the krogan soldiers drop. Is there any benefit to doing this as opposed to just walking by them?

How can I disable bloom?

I tried looking in the Mass Effect 3 Configuration utility, but there was no option for disabling bloom there. Is there perhaps a setting in a config file somewhere on the PC version that I need to change in order to reduce/eliminate bloom that is actually functional? I know that the first Mass Effect had […]

Who are all the squad members in Mass Effect 3?

We have a list of optional squad members in Mass Effect 3 but I’m wondering what all possible squad mates are and what classes they are/what abilities they have. I’m curious about what my options are tactically. What are all the squadmates in Mass Effect 3 (regardless of whether I can have them all at […]

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