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Is there an effective scanning strategy that avoids the Reapers?

After a few scans in a system the Reapers show up to ruin your day (they do NOT like machines that go PING!) It’s obviously important to get the war assets from scanning, so what general strategy can I use to complete the scans but avoid the reapers that doesn’t rely on finding an upgrade […]

How do Detonation power upgrades work?

My character has 2 biotic powers with a “Detonate” upgrade in their trees. The upgrades are described as increasing the force and damage of biotic detonations by 50%. Will purchasing both give any benefit? Does a “detonate” power upgrade apply to all biotic detonations, ones that were started by the power in question, or ones […]

Where can I find the Cerberus Turian Poison?

My galaxy is currently 100% scanned and I haven’t found any sign of a sample of Cerberus Turian Poison. Is it located in a galaxy I just haven’t unlocked yet? Or perhaps in the Priority missions I’m waiting to do? Considering how some missions become impossible to complete after certain Priority missions sometimes, I’m trying […]

Aria: Blue Suns mission

In the Mission to support Aria’s leadership over the merc groups: how to solve the Blue Suns mission without Killing General Oraka? He askes me to get him some weapons in return for leaving the Blue Suns alone. Where do I get them?

Can enemies see me through smoke?

Sometimes, enemies throw smoke grenades, meaning I can’t see or target them (without help), but can they see me back? Does it affect their targeting/aim at all?

At what point is the “Final Save” created for import to Mass Effect 3?

I’m assuming that the endgame save or final save or whatever you want to call it for Mass Effect 2 is created after your decision regarding the Collector Base. What I wish to know, is: will it re-save with new information based on any DLC I complete? For example, if I finish the main mission, […]

Will an imported ME3 Shepard be the same as a new Shepard story-wise?

If I import a Shepard from a game I just completed, will his story (e.g. decisions made et al.) be identical to a newly created Shepard? Is the only benefit of importing a ME3 Shepard his level? edit: for clarity, I mean this option:

I'm tired of my lover. How can I break up with them and get a new one?

I just wanted to know how can I break up with someone? With Spec. Treynor in particular. I want to try another one, but it seems impossible when I have someone else. For example I got Liara to the cabin with the time-capsule, but where a guide says to say I “want to be more […]

Errors on the Memorial Wall?

In previous Mass Effect games, I lost a few good people. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that a Memorial Wall was erected on the Normandy SR-2 in Mass Effect 3, honoring those who’d fallen in battle. However, there’s one name missing. Zaeed Massani. He did not survive the suicide mission in the game […]

Can you get reconstructive surgery in Mass Effect 3?

Mass Effect 2 let you permanently reverse the red Lazarus scars being a Renegade gives you. Does Mass Effect 3 have an option to do this? If so, when can I get/unlock the surgery and how much does it cost? At what point in the game does the option become available?

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