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What war assets can be unlocked in ME3 from playing Mass Effect Infiltrator?

What specific effects can playing Mass Effect Infiltrator have on Galaxy At War in ME3?

If I make it with Thane in the hospital, will that hurt my chances of getting back with Liara?

In Mass Effect 1, I got dirty with Liara. In Mass Effect 2, for lack of any better options, I bumped uglies with Thane. (Really, the choices for Femshep weren’t that great in ME2.) Now, Mass Effect 3 is here and although I told Liara that things are over between Thane and myself, I’ve run […]

Are there optional squad members in Mass Effect 3?

By “optional” I mean “you can complete the game without hiring”. In Mass Effect 2, you could finish the game without hiring Kasumi Goto (a DLC character), and I think Grunt and Legion are optional as well (you have the option of not animating/reactivating them), though all others were mandatory. What about Mass Effect 3? […]

Does accomplishments progress carry across multiple playthroughs?

Mass Effect 3 has several “Do X Y times” accomplishments for example, the “Bruiser” accomplishment which requires a certain number of melee kills. Do these accomplishments require me to complete all of these action on one playthorugh or does it stack between multiple saves? If progress does carry over between playthoughs, do I need to […]

Does the conversation with Matriarch Aethyta go the same way if you haven't watched the video archives in the Shadow Broker base?

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that there were actually 3 sets of videos in the archives when I played through Lair of the Shadow Broker. By the time I knew, I’d already finished all of my sidequests, so I couldn’t go and do a mission to trigger the 3rd set to show up. I ended up […]

Can you hijack an Atlas in ME3 multiplayer?

You can hijack the Atlas in ME3 single player. However in multiplayer, it seems like the Atlas will always blow up. Can you hijack it in multiplayer?

How are cooldowns calculated?

I know there are other questions about power recharge and weight, but none of them (that I found) ask or answer this. At first, I assumed the X% modifier to recharge speed actually meant your recharge speed is (100+X)% the standard value. That made sense, because the modifier could positive or negative. Then I realized […]

How soon do I have to change difficulty levels to get the Mass Effect 3 insanity award?

I just started the game and it never game me an option to change the difficulty like in Mass Effect 2. The first thing I did after cinematic start finished, was change the difficulty from normal to insanity. Is there a period where I have time to change it before it takes hold, or am […]

How do I increase max fuel in Mass Effect 3?

A trip between star systems could easily use up 500 units. How can I increase the maximum fuel capacity?

What does 100% Paragon or 100% Renegade actually mean?

When discussing the variety of endings to the game, one ending is conditional upon your Shepard being or having 100% Paragon or 100% Renegade. The ending where you convince the Illusive man to shoot himself in the head. Does 100% mean that you’ve filled the bar completely or does it refer to 100% of the […]

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