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Does anyone step in to fill the holes in your roster?

I deliberately have not named names in the title to avoid spoilers, but in Mass Effect 2 it’s possible for both Garrus and Tali to die in the course of the endgame. Couple this with the outcome of the Virmire mission in Mass Effect 1, and it’s very possible that your playable roster could be […]

Should Mass Effect 3 be played with From Ashes or not?

What is the intended order—play through the story of Mass Effect 3 and then play the From Ashes DLC, or begin the game with the From Ashes DLC from the start? With the nature of the squad member being such an important and critical plot point, it seems like his presence or absence would affect […]

What is my Medi-Gel Capacity?

Is there a way to see how many Medi-Gel you can maximum carry at any point in time with out going to limit or knowing your Medi-Gel Capacity level?

How do I get my pre-order bonus content?

This may be a silly question, but where do I enter my pre-order code in order to access the downloadable content? I don’t have the collector’s edition, just the standard pre-order and the code that came with it, but I’m not prompted to enter it nor can I find mention of it in the DLC […]

Does multi-player levelling count between games and across platforms in Mass Effect 3?

Obviously you’re not playing as Shephard in ME3’s multi-player but as one of many other soldiers in the war. Does this mean that multiplayer levelling and progress isn’t linked to any specific Shephard’s carreer but will count for any Shephard on that machine? Further, as we have to link our copies of ME3 to a […]

Do I need to have downloaded the Cerberus Armor in Mass Effect 2 in order to buy it in Mass Effect 3?

I know you have to download the armor to get it in ME2 but in ME3, I’ve seen people just buy it off of merchants. The armor looks awesome and I can’t connect to live so please tell me its availiable with retail instead code.

Do squad members benefit from the enhanced scope weapon modification?

ME3 squad members don’t run out of ammo nor are they affected by weight. However do squad members see through smoke when equipped with the enhanced scope weapon mod?

What is the Mass Effect 3 Value for Miranda to edit in Save Edtior

I’m trying to toggle Miranda’s Romance to True in ME3 right before I meet her for the third time in the apartment so I can trigger the romance dialog option. I have found ID Values for most of the characters besides Miranda. Romance Value ID’s for MS3 Miranda – ????? Liara – 19722 Ashley – […]

Why isn't Zaeed's name listed?

Zaeed was part of my team in ME2 & all of my team members made it out alive from the suicide mission. I ran in to Zaeed later at the Volus diplomat’s quest & during the subsequent attack, Zaeed was killed. However, his name isn’t listed in the dead list http://steamcommunity.com/id/sathyabhat/screenshot/486626996099715422

How many detonations can I get from a single warp?

Does triggering a biotic combo remove warp? I was playing some Multiplayer tonight with my Asari Adept, and sometimes it felt like I could chain Throw and trigger a detonation each time, and other times I was unable to trigger it more than once per warp. Hopefully, someone out there has a more decisive answer.

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