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Does Shepard's background (Origin and Reputation) matter?

So I started up the demo and it’s asking me whether I’m a Spacer, Colonist, or Earthborn and whether I’m Ruthless, a War Hero, or a Sole Survivor. Based on this forum thread it appears these choices didn’t matter in ME1, it was barely mentioned, which seems strange given everything I’ve heard about your choices […]

Is there a playable postgame?

Can you continue to play the game after beating it, completing any missions you haven’t done yet, or does the game lock you in if you’ve saved at the end, forcing you to play through again to get back at any missed content? If there is a postgame, is there anything inaccessible or otherwise significantly […]

At which exact point are the war assets and galactic readiness evaluated for the ending?

I just finished Mass Effect 3, though I didn’t play the multiplayer and my war readiness was therefore at only 50%. So I didn’t have enough war assets to get to the best ending. I now want to play some multiplayer and get that war readiness to a good value, so that I can get […]

Can I do anything about a grenade in Mass Effect 3?

Every time I see a grenade fall near me, I try to pick it up and throw it back. This leads to a badly overcooked Shepard pie. Is there anything I can do about a nearby grenade other than run away? Can I deactivate it, throw it back, or push it away somehow?

What are all the possible power combinations for detonation?

I know that biotic powers can detonate each other if one has a duration, but what about bio/tech combinations or ammo combinations?

How can I effectively solo the co-op mode?

Is there a good way to solo the co-op mode? This seems like a contradiction, but I find myself frequently either the last man standing or the only player left after others quit or are disconnected. In other games, like Halo: Reach, it was feasible to even start a single-player “firefight” session and survive for […]

How do I use biotic charge effectively?

Most of the time, using a biotic charge into a group of enemies gets me riddled with bullets extremely fast, what are some ways I can improve survivability and/or effectiveness with this skill?

Which save file should I use for the Extended Cut DLC?

I am unsure which of the following save files I should be using for the extended cut DLC: Before the attack on the Cerberus base (i.e. last possible place with galactic wide access) Before the attack on earth Before the last cutscene on earth (right after fighting the last banshee group) Which one will allow […]

Where are my model ships?

I’ve been exploring the Normandy SR2, and I’ve been finding boxes squirreled away containing the model ships I purchased in Mass Effect 2. Where does each model ship end up (assuming you purchase it in ME2)? I’m having trouble finding the Destiny Ascension, but I think a full list would be good to have regardless.

Cortez thinks I'm gay, will it affect my chances to date women?

My male Shepard has been trying to be a general nice guy to Steve Cortez, maybe a little too much, encouraging him to take shore leave “for me” and encouraging him to visit the refugee remembrance wall. Now he’s asking me out for drinks and I need to let him know I’m not that kind […]

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