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Can I resolve the krogan / salarian conflict with both sides supporting the Alliance?

This question contains spoilers. I just finished Mass Effect 3 and I was able to keep both quarians and the geth for the final push. Since this conflict is the deepest (in my opinion) among all the other conflicts between races, so I was wondering whether I can cure the genophage and still earn the […]

What is the perfect squad status at the end of the game

Everyone deep down wants to make sure their entire squad survives. So assuming that you go through the minimal losses throughout the series as in: Only losing Kaiden/Ashley on Virmire (Wrex survives) Getting all DLC characters (Zaeed, Kasume) Waking up Grunt and Legion everybody surviving the Suicide Mission (Squad only, looking for playable, not Normandy […]

Can I Romance Ashley even though I did not in ME1, and I did Romance Miranda in ME2?

Can I Romance Ashley even though I did not in ME1, and I did Romance Miranda in ME2? Or am I stuck with Miranda?

Does the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer component has any effect on the Single Player component and vice-versa?

Do you unlock anything for the single player campaign when playing multiplayer Mass Effect 3 or vice versa, or are the modes completely separated?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each choice for ships doctor?

After arriving a Huerta Memorial hospital, I have a choice. I can bring my old friend Dr. Chakwas aboard the Normandy, or I can ask her to enjoy her retirement for once and bring aboard Dr. Chloe Michel to serve as my ships doctor instead. Aside from the chance at a token Paragon/Renegade doctor while […]

How many resources do I need to own in Mass Effect 2 to receive a bonus in Mass Effect 3?

In the War Room of the Normandy SV2, Commander Shepard can check the current state of galactic readiness. While perusing the list, I noticed that I was reciving 25 readiness points from having a high amount of Platinum in Mass Effect 2. How much of each resource do I need to get this bonus? Are […]

How exactly does Force translate to Damage?

So, for some reason, the Mass Effect series likes to express the potency of various abilities – particularly biotic powers, in Newtons of Force, rather than the amount of damage they deal. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no mechanical transparency given as to how any given amount of Force will ever translate to any given amount […]

Am I supposed to know who James Vega is?

At the start of Mass Effect 3, James Vega comes to collect you for a meeting with the higher ups. The conversation between you implies that there is history, but I don’t recall ever encountering him. The wiki on him states: [James] had taken up residence in Omega playing cards in bars. During a game, […]

Can you get the good endings if you play a purely renegade Shepard?

Is it possible to get the best endings playing as a renegade? Or the choices you make (if you are not tempted to break character) are inherently evil at some point, which would prevent them?

Are Action Mode responses random?

Mass Effect 3 has an “Action Mode” where story responses are apparently picked between Paragon/Neutral/Renegade choices. Are the choices Action Mode makes randomly picked or will all Action Mode playhtroughs have an identical story and make identical “decisions”?

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