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Where is the “terrain.png” file located in Linux?

I have tried to search for it in my home directory and my .minecraft directory without any success. find / -name terrain.png also outputs nothing.

Is it possible to play games that run off of Steam, on a Linux or Unix-based OS (other than Mac OSX)?

I was wondering if it is possible to install and play Steam games like Skyrim off a Linux or Unix-base Operating System (OS), such as FreeBSD or OpenSUSE? Update: Apart from installing through Wine, which is an emulator and would hence defeat the purpose, because it would cancel out any performance increase you might get […]

Enable “Play” button for Undertale on Linux Steam

I have downloaded the game “Undertale” on the Linux Steam client using this method. However, Steam recognizes that the game does not run natively on Linux and will not allow me to start “Undertale” via a custom launch with Wine. Is there a workaround that, for example, tricks the Linux Steam client into thinking that […]

How do I change player name in minecraft multiplayer in offline mode in Linux?

I have a small Minecraft server (beta 1.5), and every time I log in via offline mode from a client, my name is “Player”. How can I change that? I know of a way to do it in Windows but it doesn’t help. The major problem is when others connect to my server they take […]

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