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What abitilies can still affect Vladimir while in Sanguine Pool?

Vladimir’s Sanguine Pool description is, Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood becoming untargetable for 2 seconds There’s detailed documentation for the abilities and effects that Vlad is unaffected by when in Sanguine Pool, such as Vladimir is untargetable by allied abillities during the duration, such as Soraka’s Wish and Sona’s Aria of Perseverance. When […]

How is LP calculated?

When I play ranked games, I get a random amount of LP per win, usually ranging from 5-20. However, I would like to know how is it calculated, and how do we “ensure” that we get a higher amount of LP than usual? Also, I would like to know at average how many LP do […]

Can Shen teleport Fiora around the map?

Assuming they are on opposite teams, if Fiora uses her ultimate on a Shen that is channeling his ultimate does the Fiora end up with the Shen at his new location?

Pets, On-hit, On-ability and other effects

I would like to know how On-hit and On-ability works with pets, more specifically on Malzahar’s Voidlings. I’m testing a hybrid build, and I know that Voidlings will get AD and ArmorPen from Malzahar, but I don’t know some fundamental questions, like: If I get a item with life steal like Vampiric Scepter, when the […]

Flat AD/AP over Penetration AD/AP during the laning phase

A very famous French streamer, and former LoL pro (EC Skyyart) always says in its streams that going for penetration items (AD/AP depending on your champ obviously) when your opponent has low armor/MR is always more worth it than going flat AD/AP. At least in early game (during the laning phase) in order to deal […]

How exactly does Leave Buster work?

In the game we are threatened with an almighty ‘Leave Buster’ feature, which promises to suspend us or anyone else, if the player in question ‘frequently leaves matchmade games early’. Define Frequently. How exactly does leave buster work? How many leaves in how short of a time trigger it? How long are we suspended for?

When is it better to get gold per 10 items instead of saving for something else?

I know supports usually get Philosopher’s Stone and Heart of Gold, but what about other roles? Also would getting a 3rd gold per 10 item on the support such as Kage’s Lucky Pick be a good idea or would it be better to get one of the other support items?

Formula for normal attack damage calculation in League of Legends

Which is the formula to calculate the normal damage in League of Legends? Is the same formula for all champions? How much damage my champion will do with the numbers in the example?

League of legends end of game stats

Does Riot offer any way to keep track of the end of game stats via an XML file or something similar? They show a score grid that keeps track of almost everything; gold earned, damage dealt, largest critical strike, etc. I’d like to pull that data and make a graph out of it. I know […]

Which champions are suited to League of Legends Dominion Map (and which should be avoided)?

I’m not regularly playing League of Legends as a pre-made team and was wondering which champions are more suited to playing the Dominion map. Obviously it depends a bit on what other champions have been selected for the team and your playing style but there is likely a number of champions which are more capable […]

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