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Does Morgana's Black Shield activate Windspeaker's Blessing?

If I use Morgana’s Black Shield on an Ally, and I have Windspeaker’s Blessing, will they get the Windspeaker buff?

what is the meaning of circles near allied portraits in LoL

In the in-game gui, there is a circle near each allied portrait. I’ve seen it be either gray or green; what is the meaning of that circle? As far as I know, it’s not saying whether the friend is connected. (On that note, how can I find out how many players are currently playing in […]

What is the default Critical Strike chance?

There are lots of ways to increase the chance of a Critical Strike, but how do I know what the default is? Is it the same for all characters?

Why does one side's minion wave push harder than the other side?

A little while back, I went into a custom game with a friend to 1v1. Essentially there were no rules and we could push whatever lane we want and to win we would kill the nexus as always. However to start off, we both started the laning phase in mid lane. Neither of us touched […]

How much gold do you receive for minion kills over the course of a game?

How much gold do you receive for kills for each type of minion (range/melee/anti-turret) and how does this amount scale throughout the game? Also, if someone knows, how do I max money from creeps?

Why Pro Junglers often buy SightStone?

I know that sightstone is good on Lee Sin. It provides some good mobility for him and extra vision control. But when watching Pro Jungler streamers or youtubers I sometimes see cases of them buying SightStone on Vi, Nunu, Elise even Jarvan. I know that “Wards Win Games” and I believe in that, but is […]

When does building armor pen. become more cost-effective than building attack damage?

I’m looking for hard math, not educated guesses. Some things I’ve been looking at: At what enemy armor level is it more cost effective to build Last Whisper over Black Cleaver? At what enemy armor level is it more cost effective to build Last Whisper over Blood Thirster? This is assuming standard AD carry masteries […]

What is the difference between a “carry” and a “fighter”?

I have been rather confused about this for a while, mainly when someone says they will play their Champion as a carry when the Champion is not classified as one. So, I suppose I am also wondering the definition of fighter too and what makes a carry a carry, more than just the definition.

How is the order of champion pick selected (draft pick)?

I know in ranked games, a characters elo determines the order of champion picks. In non-ranked draft pick, pre-arranged teams have priority. Does team size, elo, or anything else affect the order of champion pick?

How do executions work in League of Legends?

If you don’t take damage from any champions for a short period before dying, then your death counts as an execution. What does this mean in terms of gold rewards given? In particular: Does the enemy team get any gold reward for your death? If you had a bounty on your head does that bounty […]

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