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How do I know when it's time to push?

I’m fairly new to League of Legends and I learned of the concept of zoning recently, and it makes a lot of sense, but no source that I visited tells me when I know it is time to push. The most information that I found was “around level 6” which is hardly useful, if at […]

Do you lose some of the “first win of the day” IP boost by playing in Beginner AI games?

At higher levels in League of Legends, your IP and XP earned from AI games gets penalized. Does this impact the “First Win of the Day” bonus though? Some days I just want to mindlessly blast through a game and get the +150.

Listing of Kill/Assist Rewards/Bonuses in LoL?

I’m trying to find a listing of information on how kills/assists are rewarded in League of Legends. For instance, you get a certain amount of money for a standard champion kill. What about for an assist? How about for first blood? Kill streak of 4? Shutting down someone with a kill streak of 5? How […]

What champion abilities allow Yasuo to use his ultimate, Last Breath?

There is of course the obvious ones such as Janna’s Howling Gale or Malphite’s Unstoppable Force. Are there anymore less obvious abilities that Yasuo can use to capitalize on?

What happens with jungle respawns when you don't fully clear creeps?

Supposedly you can harass the enemy jungle a little by killing the valuable creeps in a jungle pack and leaving one of the cheap minions around to delay a full respawn. How does this work exactly? If I see a solo minion up at one of our buffs, should I kill it or let it […]

Can I adjust my League of Legends advanced settings without being in a game?

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to adjust my keybinds or options like screen resolution and the like without actually being in a game. The options screen that you get from opening the launcher options only allows you to adjust the volume, help tooltips, etc. I can’t adjust the advanced settings without […]

What happens if you use Skarner's ultimate and then Flash?

Skarner’s ultimate, Impale, allows him to basically grab an enemy and freely move around, dragging the enemy with him. But what happens if Skarner performs a Flash during this time? Similarly, I’m assuming that using Ghost during this time would allow you to drag the enemy much further. Obviously, this should be pretty easy to […]

How does Ghost interact with Kog'Maw's passive?

If I’m playing as Kog’Maw: Can I Ghost after I die to run faster before I explode? If I’m already Ghosted when I die, is my corpse still under the effect of Ghost for the remainder of its duration?

Why is Tryndamere not seen in competitive play?

It seems as though Tryndamere would make an excellent top lane champion or jungler. The “requirements” for a top lane champion in the current metagame are: Sustain: Tryndamere has a heal. Getaway: He has a slow to prevent chases and his whirlwind allows him to dash away, even through minions or other champions. Oh, and […]

How do I maximize my IP boost?

Because League of Legends was voted lord of the flies or something, all its saprophytic users have apparently been given a 10-win IP boost. How does the IP boost work? How can I get the best use out of it; just play 5v5 games, or is there no difference between the game types?

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