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When multiple shields are present, which one is consumed first?

Janna’s Eye of the Storm provides a shield that absorbs damage and gives a boost to AD. Suppose Janna shields an ally with a hexdrinker; would Janna’s shield have to be destroyed before hexdrinker would be triggered? If Lux and Janna both shielded an ally, which shield would be consumed first?

is GP10 still a viable choice as support?

With Season 3 here, lots of new items have been release. One in particular is the Sightstone, and if you didnt know this item allows you to basically have unlimited wards and a decent amount of health with an upfront purchase. My previous reasoning for GP10 was to make up for the lose of gold […]

League of Legends damage modifiers while channeling

If a damage buff or debuff (e.g. exhaust) is applied to a champion while they are channeling a spell (after they started the channeling) like ww’ ult, kata’s ult or fiddle’s ult is the damage for that spell adjusted mid-channeling, or the buff/debuff has to be applied before they started channeling in order to take […]

Why do people do the Doran's Blade stacking?

Why do people buy this item over and over? I usually play as AP Nuker or CC, and so I have no use for it, but in the last game I played Caitlyn. I got one Doran’s Blade at the beginning, just to get some health, that 10 Damage that can help, and that 3% […]

When a rune or item says +x magic penetration, how is that calculated?

This is something that has been bothering me for a while now. Insight runes and Sorcerer’s Shoes provide magic penetration. Is this a flat-rate penetration? Or is it a percentage? For example: 9 Greater Marks of Insight provide +8.55 magic penetration. If I’m Shen, my level 2 Vorpal Blade does 95(+0.2AP). For simplicity, say I […]

What is the worth of a soul?

I’ve been playing a lot of support Tresh lately, and I’m wondering how much should I put myself in danger for a soul? I’m the kind of Thresh player that goes for every soul that it’s not dumb to go get (by not dumb I mean not jumping in a fight or diving a tower […]

How does “The Hunt is On!” work if Kha'Zix and Rengar are on both teams?

The answer to this question does a good job of detailing how the “The Hunt is On!” secondary quest interaction between Kha’Zix and Rengar works. However, after seeing this interaction for the first time, and then later playing a blind pick game, I started wondering: What happens if there is more than one Kha’Zix / […]

What Are The Mechanics For Attack-Move

I don’t really understand the mechanics of attack move, ie what will you attack (closest? prefer champion?), and when do you attack after clicking?

Does Shurelya's Reverie work on dead or decoy champions?

Here are the different types of pseudo champions I was thinking of: Dead After Effects: Yorick’s Ultimate Kog’ Maw’s Body after death (from passive) Duplication Effects: Leblanc’s Decoy Shaco’s Clone Are these type of effects boosted by the speed boost from Shurelya’s Reverie active ability? What about other activated effects that target champions such as […]

What are the roles of supports in team fights?

I know the support in lane are used as sustain for the ad carry, but what role do the offer in the later game in team fights?

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