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Are champion and skin sales on a fixed rotation?

I only buy champions and skins when they go on sale. Is there a way to know what will go on sale ahead of time, or is it completely random?

What abilities can be blocked by sivir's/nocturne's spell shield?

Mainly, im wondering what ultimates would be blocked, and other spells that have long casts. But if you have a list that would be nice.

Do any on hit effects from any champion abilities or items get affected by Spell Vamp?

I always wonder how early I should get a Will of the Ancients over Hextech Revolver. How much it will it affect the rest of my team?

What can Pantheon's shield block?

Can it block stuff that applies on hit effects like Ezreal’s mystic shot? What about stuff like Twisted Fate’s gold card and Teemo’s poison shot? Do you get a benefit from attacking if you have a wit’s end?

Does the Howling Abyss map (ARAM map) use an MMR rating system?

I know normal, Dominion, and the ranked modes all use an MMR rating to pair you up with equally skilled opponents. Is that the case for the new Howling Abyss map?

Can Pix intercept Caitlyn's ultimate?

As Caitlyn, I used my ultimate on a very low health Lulu that had her skills (including her ultimate) on cooldown. She started to run away, my ultimate went off, and my ultimate did not hurt her even one bit. She and I couldn’t believe what happened. We came to the conclusion that Pixie had […]

What is the basic dominion strategy?

What is the basic idea of playing Dominion? What I mean is just like Summoner’s Rift has it’s meta and lanes, does Dominion have something similar? All I know is that generally 1 person goes to the bottom but what does everyone else do?

Who counters Jayce top lane besides Yorick?

I’m aware that Yorick and Cho’Gath are both good counters for Jayce (in Top Lane) but who else might be a good matchup and why?

How are “premade” lobbies matched against opponents?

I am lead to believe that the matchmaking system in League of Legends matches you against opponents based on summoner level. However, in the case where you have a pre-game lobby with players of different summoner levels, how is your lobby matched again opponents? Is it based on highest summoner level, lowest, average?

Do Leavers gain rewards?

First: I am not a leaver. Ok, To the question, and beyond … When a player leaves a game for any reason (DC, Rage, etc), he got the **leave ** flag (name is tagged red and he got leave in the match history), do they gain IP or XP rewards ?

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