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What do these signs mean League of Legends

I can guess, that they have something in common with wards. But what is it? Can enemies see me thanks to it?

What defines a bruiser?

What makes them a “bruiser”? By that I mean which stat defines them as a bruiser or is it something else that makes them a bruiser?

Between a Cinderhulk enchantment and a Sunfire Cape, which would get priority?

If for some reason I build both a Cinderhulk enchantment and a Sunfire Cape, which of the two would create the aura?

Will I be able to track progress of my referrals when transferring between regions?

If I transfer to another region, will I be able to track progress of my referrals? If not, and I transfer back to my initial server region, will I be able to track progress of my referrals? I am interested in tracking progress of referrals (people that I have recruited) not in benefits from referrals […]

What abilities do %health damage?

I like to play as Dr Mundo, stacking health. Its not uncommom for me to reach 6k health. However, there are some champions that have the ability to do damage equal to a percent of your health. I was wondering if i could have a list of these champions so i know who to watch […]

Is Runaan's Hurricane worth it on Kennen or Caitlyn?

Runaan’s Hurricane, if it hits extra targets, counts as hits for Kennen’s W passive and Caitlyn’s headshot passive. This increases the frequency of stuns and extra damage on both champions. You also get a 70% attack speed bonus from the item. Typically, hurricane is not seen as viable. But in these cases, is it worth […]

How can Rengar be effective if he fails his early game snowball?

Rengar seems somewhat underpowered to me. Or rather, under worked. He is extremely powerful if he has 4 to 6 stacks on his tooth, but if his early game doesn’t go well and he doesn’t get tooth stacks, he falls off very hard in mid-game. How can I continue to contribute a presence in teamfights […]

How can you counter a kill lane?

I asked this question earlier to get a better idea of what a kill lane actually is. Now I’m wondering, if I’m playing against a kill lane (let’s say in draft pick or something so champ select can be part of the question), how can I deal with it? What champ combinations are good to […]

Which of the 3 support items can earn you the most gold?

Currently there are 3 major support Items: the relic shield, the ancient coin and the spellthiefs edge. I usually use the coin or the shield, because i feel like it’s the most secure gold income. However one day I played lulu support with the spellthiefs edge and by playing really aggressive I procced the passive […]

Is it possible to solo Baron Nashor?

Is it possible to solo Baron Nashor? Are any champions able to solo Baron Nashor, and if so what champions can do so? To try to make this a better question, I was inquiring more late game under normal game circumstances if any champion could solo Baron Nashor. I was more concerned of us having […]

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